A Detailed Analysis of Wire Strippers

A wire stripper is a portable instrument, predominantly made of steel that is used to scrap the plastic coating that always surrounds copper wires. Electricity is one of the most useful resources. However, despite the fact that it is useful, it is quite dangerous as well. Many people have died due to coming into contact with nude electric wires. This brought forth the need to insulate the wires thus preventing electric charges from being transferred to the human body. Despite the fact that wires have to be insulated, the end points of the wires have to be unprotected because these points are always the connection points. This is why special equipments are needed to do this job since we cannot use our hands to remove the plastic coating and expose the wires.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and it was necessity of such a special instrument that led to the invention of best wire strippers, which would be used to remove the coating at the end of wires to facilitate connection of the wires with other wires or source of electricity. There are many different models of wire strippers in the market but there are basically three types of wire strippers -the manual , automatic and the Laser types. Let’s take a detailed look at each of them:

Manual wire strippers

This is the most common type of wire stripper available. This type of strippers was the first to be developed and it takes after a pair of scissors. It is quite easy to use, you can rotate the head. After you have rotated it, you then put the wire between the two heads and pull it with ease so that you can take out the plastic coating.

Automatic wire strippers

These type of strippers are an upgraded version of the manual strippers. This type of stripper first grips the wire simultaneously, then it closes its sharp blades so that it can cut through. The only demerit of these types of strippers is that they are limited to very short wires. They cannot handle very long wires, you will have to use manual strippers to handle longer wires.

Laser wire strippers

As technology advances, new products come to the market. This is a special type of stripper that uses a laser beam to cut through the section of the plastic that needs to be stripped. Once the laser detects the copper metal, then it automatically stops and the blades loosen so that they don’t damage the wires. It uses the principle of insulator and conductors to work effectively.

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