How to Succeed In e-Commerce

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It`s not a secret for you that consumers want to examine products more carefully before buying them so photos on your website are not enough sometimes to make people fully convince about purchase. Some companies decide to compensate it by providing free shipping and trials but it is not a proper solution. Why? Because consumers just waste their time if the product they see is not what exactly they want.

You can release your customers from such difficulties and the way out is pretty simple.

Just imagine one of your clients deciding to buy furniture in your store. He visits your website, choses preferable sofa and places it in his living room in online mode. Impressive, isn’t it? And that is not all. The possibility to shift its position, rotate and change its color in real time helps your client to make a decision faster because if he changes his mind he can do the same again with another sofa at once. Through some trials your happy client buys sofa and becomes one of your standing customers.

Such scheme of gaining popularity and becoming a successful company is directly connected with one of the most important trends in the ecommerce realm – Augmented reality (AR). With the help of camera and special applications on mobile device AR technology enables computer-generated objects to coexist with the physical ones in real time.

Today`s growth of consumers’ demands, market capabilities and mobile devices` evolution make AR one of the major tools in tech world. This technology reached worldwide recognition after the launch of the popular mobile game Pokémon GO, and currently it is used across numerous industries as medicine, gas and oil, public safety, tourism, marketing etc.

The statistics shows that the revenue from consumer standalone and embedded augmented reality mobile applications in the past 2016 year amounted to 725.4 million U.S. dollars worldwide. What is more, the revenue from AR is projected to be three times higher than that of VR by 2020. The same estimates concern AR hardware device shipments that are projected to reach an estimated 64.8 million units in comparison to 45.6 million VR ones. 

So there is no doubt that the trend is growing day by day. And it is more likely that AR soon stops being a novelty and will become a common tool for daily activities.

Don’t miss your chance to become one of top successful companies that earned the loyalty of thousands of customers with Augmented technology (AR).

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