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The 3 biggest web design trends of 2017

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We at Reap and Sow Marketing Web design Services are well aware of the fact that the world of web design is fast expanding. So we understand it’s best to stay abreast of what’s new and happening in the web designing trends. Given below are 3 such latest trends we have explored so far and are practicing in 2017 to get an edge over our competitors in the industry.

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  1. The AI evolution is here to stay: Halfway through 2017, the digital media has been flooded with success stories of how AI has made its presence felt in the mainstream web design industry through state of the art conversational interfaces. So what are you waiting for? Get going to hire our services and allow us to create your own chatbot interface.
  2. The shift from visuals to wordsmiths: The current user interfaces are more interested in poets and wordsmiths and there has been a gradual shift in the trend and our web designers today are more focussed on the use of words rather than visuals as earlier. Reap and Sow Marketing Web Design Services ensure our content writers words speaks volumes about the services you offer and the values you practice as a company. In a nutshell, converting prospective leads to sales.
  3. Android has overtaken Microsoft: Since April this year, Android has completely taken over Microsoft in terms of internet usage across all operating systems  such as the mobile, tablets, desktops, laptops etc. the web design community has witnessed a sudden surge in demand for responsive website design. This certainly has been our winning edge in the industry as we have a vast portfolio of responsive web design websites to share with you for you to gauge our expertise in delivering user- friendly customized responsive design.

Get going to call us now and know more about the services we offer and how our web design marketing services can boost your business.

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