Top Applications for Syncing Data between Mac and iPad

Many iPad users have noted that iCould and iTunes are not just good enough applications to sync iPad data with Mac computers. Thankfully, there are some exclusive choices for users there apart from iCould and iTunes. These applications are fantastic options to sync data like media files, contacts, calendars, etc. So, let us take a quick look on those applications below:

  1. SyncMate

SyncMate, an app to synchronize Mac with iPad, is at the top of our list of applications. There are certain reasons why the app has clinched the top spot. First of all, it is user-friendly. It comes with a simple but contemporary interface. Syncing features are more than adequate and easy to be understood. You can sync data like media files, personal data, bookmarks, reminders, folders, files and many more. Almost all kinds of data can be synchronized with accuracy with this application. It gives you amazing freedom to create backup from Mac computer, and access call lists, messages, etc.

The most interesting thing is that the application helps syncing iPad and Mac computer without involvement of any cloud storage. Thus, using this application is simple. Nevertheless, it further gives you the chance to sync more than one iPad device with Mac computer. Connect as many devices as you want and manage your data easily.

  1. Syncious

This is one of commonest apps for Mac and iPad synchronization. It makes the process of synchronization effectual and accurate, but the process is old fashioned. A cloud backup system is involved to sync data between two devices. It comes with a classic user-friendly interface, suitable for finding various features or options for syncing data with ease.

  1. BusyMac

It is another tool for syncing iPad data with Mac. However, this application comes with limited syncing features. That means, like aforementioned applications there will be no unlimited syncing features. The process of syncing is easy though, and data exchange happens seamlessly after synchronization has been done.

  1. PhotoSync

This is yet another syncing application that does not promise exchanging all sorts of data. As the name suggests, this application is commonly used for syncing photos with iPad devices and Mac computers. The application comes with contemporary interface, and it is user-friendly.

  1. DropBox

This is an application like iCloud, offering limited data exchange features after syncing iPad and Mac computers. Cloud storage is there for syncing data. The application is user-friendly, but there are some drawbacks. It cannot sync call lists or cannot help you to operate messages of iPad from Mac computer directly, like SyncMate.


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