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Understand Different Types Of Hosting Services Before You Shortlist One

It’s no surprise that having a website is compulsory for today’s businesses. When the businesses creates website, it is important to put together the collection of files/data informing about your brand/products services that you wish to convey to the outer world through your website. Those files are accumulation of the info that takes shape in the form of a website. However; the website needs to be stored on the hosting server hence that is when a hosting service provider comes into limelight.

Why Hiring Hosting Services Matter

Hosting service providers like https://inxy.host/ enables the company to sub-contract for their multiple hosting functions. This let companies to focus on their core businesses with a complete support from the service provider without any hassles.

Types of Hosting Services Provided By Service Providers Are

Managed Hosting Services

It’s the most commonly used hosting service; here the service provider owns and operates the company servers which are leased to the customers. The service provider offers backup services, server management, technical support, maintenance etc. reducing the stress of the customer company.

Cloud Hosting Services

It is one of the most trending hosting services and soaring these days. The service provider offers a public,private, hybrid cloud hosting service wherein the companies have to pay for the storage and cloud facilities. Usually, this hosting service is majorly taken by companies who have huge manpower, with work spread across the globe.

Content Delivery Network Service (CDN)

A content delivery network is a geologically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. The primary aim is to distribute its services spatially relative to end-users to provide high availability and high performance.

Virtual Private Server Services

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine sold as a service provider like inxy.host. It runs its own copy of an operating system, and the companies/clients has the user level access to that operating system for any future installation of any software that runs on OS.

Inxy.host is a leading web hosting service provider offering wide range of hosting services at affordable package. The service provider is spread across various prominent locations like United States, Russia and Netherlands offering its world-wide clients with advanced technology hosting solutions.


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