6 games where you can become more successful with buying in-game currency

Tired of grinding? Has clicking become too much to swallow? If you want a quick way to get around and have some fun, no questions asked – in-game purchases are what the doctor ordered. They cost real-life money and are offered in most F2P and P2P games as a way to expand your gaming experience and of course, keep the gaming company afloat. We will list six games where buying in-game currency is inseparable from success and fun.


This co-op action game is an action-packed adventure full of futuristic fights within the realms of space and one of the most notorious pay to win systems around. Just how in many games, free progress is left only to the most skilled and kept to a minimum. After approximately 3 hours of playing time, you would still hover around level 1 and have very minimal amount of upgrades available. Even though the game has plenty of variety and fun, you need to buy Platinum (the in-game points) to rank up quicker.


Right now there are two versions of Runescape: Runescape 3 (the newest version of the game) and Old School Runescape, OSRS for short (a more nostalgic take on the game, combining the most successful features of the game’s period of peak popularity). The two share mostly the same gameplay but look completely different. However, all RS players know that it is essential to have GP to have genuine fun in the game. Earning and grinding can become tedious but players do have an option to buy RS3 or OSRS gold online. Sites and services like Probemas.com can offer you a good deal for your buck and Runescape becomes so much more fun.

Clash of Clans

CoC is one of the most successful games in the world, which had peak popularity of grossing nearly 1 million dollars from in-app purchases daily. Players spend thousands of hours building, upgrading and raiding their enemies, so it has become sort of a cult phenomenon. The main drawback of diving right in, you will be severely underpowered compared to other players and the time it takes to catch up can be humongous if you don’t choose to buy gems. This is not a pay-to-win scheme, but the massive amounts of competition mean that there is a lot of ground to cover, either by grinding thousands of hours or buying gems.


The most popular football-simulation franchise has one of the most dedicated and competitive fanbases all over the globe. Players pick or assemble their teams and battle it out on the virtual pitch. The franchise’s yearly instalments are played by millions, and one of the most played game modes is ultimate team. You need coins to buy players or packs of players to better your team. These coins are either earned through playing football or buying. It’s fun either way but just know that Ronaldo or Messi probably have a slim chance of joining your squad if you do not buy packs.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Referred to as an addictive time waster, TS:TO has you aching for more since the first clicks. The Simpsons are arguably the most famous family in the world, so the popularity of this game was inevitable. However, the developers followed a simple, industry-standard formula: “Don’t like to wait? Then pay”. Since the game revolves around tapping and finishing objectives, you have specific parts that require waiting numerous hours before completion which received mixed reviews. There is a solution – Donuts that you can buy for real-life money and avoid time restriction barriers. While success in this game cannot be defined objectively, you certainly will take hours to progress without buying the currency.

Dungeon Keeper

While the latter games are separated by the point of view of players buying currency, Dungeon Keeper becomes borderline unplayable without spending real-life cash. While in some games (FIFA, CoC) or you can just become a complete player and get better opportunities, in Runescape you just do what seems more fun to you while others draw the line between pay-to-win and just hard or tedious (TS:TO, Warframe). But in comes Dungeon Keeper, a game that will have you hurting. To progress, it can take close to 24 hours, and the developers have a product that will make you shake and scream if you do not purchase. However, with those purchases, it becomes an addictive, enjoyable and surprisingly immersive title with lots to offer.