Self-Employed Hacks: Best Work From Home Apps for Digital Nomads

Around two-thirds of companies allow some of their employees to work from home. Industry experts predict that one-third of all employees will work from home in 10 years.

If you’ve already joined the work from home lifestyle, you know that keeping track of all your work and staying on task can be challenging.

You’re here, there, and literally everywhere! That’s the life of the digital nomad. Keep your career going strong with these top work from home apps.

1. Evernote

If you haven’t heard of Evernote before, you’re either new to the nomad lifestyle or have been living under a rock. This easy-to-use app is great for the small business owner or passionate freelancer.

Evernote allows you to keep all your lists, notes, and to-do lists in one place. You can incorporate text, photos, and even voice recordings in your notes.

The best part? The app synchronizes to all your devices. So if you’re working on the road from your phone or at the coffee shop with your laptop, you’ll have all the notes you need.

2. Expensify

Expensify is an essential app to work from home.

This app allows you to automate every aspect of your expenses. Many people who work from home have multiple clients, which makes finances tricky. Expensify allows you to upload or generate receipts and provides an easy reimbursement process.

If you need to keep your expense tracking legal for tax season, learn how to make fake W2s. Many resources allow you to generate this essential form in minutes.

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3. Headspace

Not all the best work from home apps are work-related. Headspace is a meditation app that can completely change your life.

Headspace offers guided meditation to bring peace and increased focus to your daily life. You can choose from meditations that focus on stress, sleep, focus, or anxiety.

Use the app to set a reminder to do a guided meditation before your workday begins. Or use it after work to help you transition from work mode.

4. Workfrom

Looking for the best apps when you work from home? Consider Workfrom, which lets you change up your workspace and get out of your pajamas.

Workfrom allows digital nomads like yourself to rank and review their favorite places to work around your city. You can use the app to search for the best places with free wifi, late hours, or even private workspaces.

Even if you are traveling, you don’t need to confine yourself to your hotel room. Embrace the digital nomad lifestyle and find a creative space to work.

5. World Time Buddy

World Time Buddy is a great app that lets you work from home with ease. If you travel a lot or have clients all over the world, this app is for you.

World Time Buddy is a time converter and world clock. It allows you to schedule meetings and important reminders. This ensures you won’t ever miss an important phone call because you forgot about a time zone difference again!

Choose the Best Work From Home Apps

Now that you know about these five best work from home apps, you’re ready to get to work.  

Remember that these apps are only the start to successfully working for home. To be successful, keep track of your goals and stay on task. One of the best tips for the work at home life is to create a workspace separate from your living space.

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