10 Questions You Must Ask When Hiring Freelancer Content Writers

Many companies look for a freelance content writer to decrease the workload on their company. They require content to be written but may not want to create a whole department for this purpose. Another reason for hiring freelancers is, if there is too much work and not enough employees available in the existing Content Writing team. This is where freelancers come in. However, there are a few questions that are essential to be asked before hiring someone to do freelance content work, considering how this is an essential part of a company’s business.

Making sure they can take up the job

While looking for a content writer, the company should make sure the writer has enough experience to take on the job so that they can write the perfect content for the company, meeting all criteria and making the job for the company easier, rather than more difficult.

Is the writer a good team player?

If all you require is a freelancer who is working from afar on a solo project then this isn’t important but if the project requires the writer to gel with and share ideas with others then their capability to be a part of a team is very important indeed.

The rates they charge for the work they do

One must make sure to ask about the freelancer’s rates. Though there are standard rates usually offered, it is important to make sure that the rates charged by the freelance content writer fit in the company’s budget. Moreover, one must ask whether there is an extra charge for editing and proof reading. in that case, this extra charge must be taken into consideration as well.

The freelancers other areas of expertise

One may ask whether the freelancers will be able to do their own research or be able to outsource it. In the situation where the writer refuses to or is unable to do research they will need to make sure the company research team is ready to take on the job of research for that particular project.

Are they proficient with social media?

Another question is regarding their proficiency with social media. If the company requires content for social media, the writer must be well aware of the social media world and what kind of content is required to interest that kind of an audience.

How long will it take to write the content?

The company must ensure that the freelancer has a good turnaround time and will not take too long to meet the deadline. They need to ask about their speed to ensure efficiency and a timely delivery of services.

Are they professional and committed?

Content writing projects often hinge on strict deadlines and specific requirements, find out in the get go if the content writer is committed enough to take the pressure of the job and deliver what is required.

Have they worked in your niche before?

Some writers are very versatile and can write almost every kind of content on every possible subject while others specialize in certain types of content. Don’t forget to ask the freelancer you are about to hire in which of the above category they belong.

Work from home or in-house writer

Most freelancers don’t take up steady jobs because they enjoy the privilege of working from home. But if your project requires the writer to work alongside your existing writing department, then he or she may have to work at your office, make sure they are ready and agreeable to do so.

Can they play by the rules?

Writing isn’t a job it’s an art requiring a lot of creativity. But content writing isn’t all about creativity; there are a lot of rules to follow as well. Make sure the writer understands that and is willing to follow the rules that you set out in terms of writing.