3 Reasons to Switch to Virtual Desktop Hosting

For years, web applications have replaced desktop applications, allowing users to run the same or similar programs from the Internet as they typically would on their physical computer.

Imagine Google Docs, which is similar to Microsoft Office’s suite of programs. With Google Docs a user can run Google Sheets or Google Slides directly from their web browser and get an experience similar to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint.

As technology has advanced, those web applications have become more robust to the point where users can now do away with their conventional desktop setup and run all of their programs and access all of their data from the cloud.

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How does virtual desktop hosting work?

From a computer with an Internet connection, a user can log into a virtual machine through the virtual desktop service provider. A virtual machine is simply an instance of Windows, OS X (for Macs), or Linux, depending on which platforms the desktop service provider offers.

Once logged in, the user goes about their business. They can run any programs and access any of the data they normally would, except the programs and data are all saved in the cloud. When the user is done working, they end their session.

For both personal and business purposes, virtual desktop hosting has several advantages.

One consistent experience

From any computer with an Internet connection, a user can log into their virtual desktop and have access to the same programs and data. That means no more backing data up onto flash drives, downloading files from cloud-based storage services, or installing the same program on multiple computers. It is simple, consistent and convenient.

Forget about maintenance

The service provider takes care of all updates and maintenance as they happen. As advances in technology increase computing capacity, users are poised to take advantage without having to upgrade their equipment or deal with upgrades and installation.

Lower costs

Instead of purchasing premium hardware and expensive licenses for desktop software, leverage the power of the virtual desktop provider’s network. Business owners can also achieve cost efficiencies by having tech support through the service provider, which means lower costs.