4 Pieces of Tech to Enhance your Camping Experience

Camping in the “good old days” involved minimal gear, a positive attitude, and a desire to escape for a while. It also meant getting pretty creative with ways to solve common camping deficiencies.

With new technology and innovation coming out yearly, camp-goers have the ability to create a much more tech-savvy experience, to say the least.

Some of these tools simply enhance the ease of accessing basic human needs: food, water, and shelter. Others provide the comfort of an always-connected world, even in the middle of nowhere.

Whatever your desires, below are 4 pieces of tech likely to enhance your camping experience.

Power Banks

The most important tool in everyone’s life in 2017 is undoubtedly the smartphone. What happens when your phone dies? A little bit of your happiness does, too.

Power banks ensure you always have an extra charge on hand for those awful moments. For shorter trips, the Anker Astro Mini would be ideal, boasting a 3200 mAh battery and providing enough juice for one or two full charges.

For slightly longer trips, the Crave Travel Pro, a 13,000 mAh battery would probably suit your needs. It provides a full cell phone charge somewhere around 4 times before running out of gas.

Camp Stove / Power Charger

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Sticking with the theme that cell phones are awesome and we can’t live without them, some people really just can’t. That’s probably why BioLite created a camp stove that comes with a power charger attached to it.

It works by absorbing heat created by the fire and storing it as electrical energy to charge your phone. This is the future, folks.

Water Filters

The Sawyer Lifestraw is a fancy little tool that is perfect for long distance hiking or camping, if the situations arises. It’s a straw that’s able to filter water, turning contaminated resources into drinkable water.

It filters out, at least they claim, over 99 percent of waterborne parasites and other particles in process.

Sawyer also makes a device called the Mini which does pretty much the same thing as the Lifestraw, except on a slightly smaller scale. This makes it versatile to be used as a straw or an attachment to your water bottle.

Lighting Tech

Let’s face it, no body actually likes the dark, especially out in the wilderness with who knows what around. The Mpowerd Luci Outdoor 2.0 is an inflatable solar light, charged by the sun, that includes up to four different lighting modes, depending on your need.

It’s smaller and collapsible, unlike a standard lantern, so it shouldn’t take up too much space or weight in your bag.

There are also a wide variety of standard LED lights available, such as Divine LEDs Ultra Bright or the Surborder 60 LED portable camping light. These run on batteries though, so you’ll want to have some extras handy.

Summing Things Up

Camping doesn’t have to be a “ditch all the technology” type of adventure it was in years past. Instead, people have the opportunity to choose what tech they bring with them to create a camping experience that works best for them.

All this new tech is a good thing, as it is opening the doors for more people to enjoy camping than ever before.