4 Predictions about the Future of Security and Surveillance Systems

Surveillance technology seems to be omnipresent these days. Security cameras laced with the latest technological features shield many places against crime and terrorism and illegal entries. These surveillance systems have become the lifelines of many individuals, businesses and countries.

With more and more advancement in modern electronics, these will only get better and better in future. The manufacturers of security and surveillance systems like Hikvision keep releasing Hikvision vulnerabilities and improvise its systems to plug the leaks. Such updates are really crucial to enhance the level of security.

Let us see what is expected from these security and surveillance systems in future.

  1.    The cameras that are easy to spot now will simply become invisible. Researchers are working towards finding methods in which the recording devices will just hide from plain sight and this will have great benefits. The visible cameras are prone to vandalism, but once they are off sight, they can record without being prone to damage.


  1.    Artificial intelligence will take over the human capability of making decisions. Today a lot of data about the individuals is collected through various methods and devices. This data can be used by artificial intelligence to sift through and make the decision on your behalf. This can be both interesting and troublesome in future.

  1.   There is enormous expansion in the use of Closed Circuit Television Camera Systems (CCTV). To keep a watch on the thousands of screens that display feed from these cameras, you need thousands of eyes. To employ so many people is not feasible. Hence, Automated Warning and Response Engine (AWARE) are already in progress. It maps out the entire feed by numerous CCTVs to give you a moving image that fits on one big television screen.


  1.    It is also predicted that in a few years from now there will be software in operation that will be capable of monitoring and profiling every individual present on Earth. This will help the law enforcement agencies to control crime as then they will have all the information required to control the incident before it happens. 

Things are no doubt getting faster, smarter and affordable with each passing day. There are many predictions as of now, but only time will tell what the future holds for this industry. Being a vital shield against crime, it’s important for surveillance systems to be integrated with more advancement.