4 tips to rock your Drupal site SEO and to get higher traffic!

Search engine optimization is the thing that bothers every site manager, marketer or the website owners a lot. No one has ever talked about it in any depth and even the experts in the field have disjointed opinions about how to brew the right blend that can make Google happy.

Although when you make a quick search for “SEO” or “Drupal SEO” you will get a myriad of results explaining several methods or you can even find a lot of people asking for your money in exchange of making your site visible in the search engines. In reality SEO seems to be a black magic for a website design today but do you really consider it that difficult?

Doing SEO is quite easy if you take account of some useful advice like:

  • Always generate and organize information in your website that satisfies some of your user’s needs.
  • Do not ever try to play games with Google to make it rank your page higher than others.

Always keep Google’s mission in mind i.e. to find those pages that are most useful to a user’s search. So when designing a website on any CMS (considering Drupal as the most SEO friendly CMS) always ask  yourself “how can I make my site more useful to users” instead of asking “how can I make more visitors to come to my site.”

With this framework in mind, you can easily get valuable traffic to your website. Apart from all this, there are several keys to help you in making your Drupal site more useful and understandable.

Download the Drupal SEO checklist Module!

I am not saying it, even the expert says that Drupal SEO module is the most powerful one that exactly does nothing but tells you what to do. By following the checklist provided by this tool, you can install the best drupal modules and task which are essential to improve your website’s performance. This module makes on page SEO really hassle free and when you complete it’s

 to-do list, you will get a fully optimized website.

Cleanup your URLs!

In order to make your site visible in the top search engine results, you need to look after your URLs very well. You need to make sure your URLs are Search engine friendly, Your site shows the right content and you don’t lose your link value even when the content is changed. So when you move a section from one place to another at your site make sure you have properly redirected it.

Communicate directly with search engines!

Do you know search engines also want you to help them to crawl your website content. For this they provide tools and reports to help you better communicate with them and also gives you better insights regarding what actually is going on your webpage. Marketers who understand these well, get better search engine rankings and a lot of traffic.

Make your site social media friendly!

Social media can get you immense exposure if you done it right. For that you need to distribute your content on all your social media networks which is pretty tough when you do it manually. But with the help of Drupal modules like Drupal Social share you can simplify the process and can easily share content with your audience at social media.

 So these are 4 executable tips to skyrocket your web performance in quite a few time if done right. Let me know your opinions in the comment below.