5 Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

A website is something that can make or break a company’s reputation and business. With the advancement in technologies and the internet, it has become a must to have a website for your business.

There are several platforms such as Squarespace and WordPress that are helping people in web designing. It might seem convenient to a lot of people but designing a website yourself using such platforms may lead to a lot of mistakes that could hurt your business. The Internet is full of tips and tricks that could help you make a website, but you should also be aware of the mistakes that a web designer could avoid.

Not Mobile Responsive

With advancements in technology, smartphones are everywhere. In an era like this, a website that is not responsive to smartphones is a website that is going to lose customers. More than 50% of customers do not revisit a site that has a poor responsive experience. You do not want your customers to pinch on the screen to see the details mentioned on your webpage. A website should be flexible enough to work smoothly on all the handheld devices. If you’re looking to hire a web designer, enquire if they have experience building mobile responsive sites.

Unclear Call to Action

A call to action can be constructive for your business as it commands people to perform an operation. Therefore, a call to action should be obvious and should be easily understandable so that your customers can add items to the basket, check out, or sign up to your newsletter. An unclear CTA might confuse the visitors resulting in fewer conversions.

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Complicated Checkout Journey

This mistake is mostly seen on e-commerce websites but is very common among other websites as well. A customer that comes to your website wants ease. You will start to lose customers if they have to fill in long forms and registrations to buy your products and they will drop off from the checkout journey.

Not Paying Attention to Analytics

There is another very critical mistake that web designers make. Analytics is the most important tools that could help you measure the success and performance of your website. Google Analytics, in particular, is probably the starting point to understanding any and all website traffic. You should have a system put in place to help you access and use your analytics with ease. Analytics can also help you sort out the flaws and things that are performing poorly. By finding the flaws, you can efficiently work to improve them, and make your website a success.

Not Targeting the Audience

Having a broad target audience will not be of any help for a successful operation of a website. Most people believe that the more targeted their communications, the more likely they will sell their business or convey their message.

However, without a targeted audience, it won’t be able to reach the right people. The best way to target the right audience is to run the A/B tests and find out which audience is more interested in your content.

These are some of the most common mistakes you must avoid making when designing your website. Remember that a website acts as a face of your business and usually gives the first impression. And as it is said, the first impression can be the last impression, so make it count.