5 Reasons Why You Need Ducted Heating At Home

The comfort of a ducted heating system on a cold winter night is incomparable. You can feel the warm air gliding down from the ceiling and wrapping itself around you like a warm blanket.

But when it comes to maintaining duct heating, your system may not be enjoying the tender loving care it deserves.

Gas ducted heaters must be serviced regularly to boost their safety and efficiency. Therefore, it is recommended to have a ducted heating installation service at least every couple of years. 

Tune it up before wintertime to make sure the unit is running safely and effectively.

More efficient heating

A newly served heating system will provide more efficient heating than a neglected one. It will function just like new. A technician performing ducted heating installation service will clean and replace parts such as filters, fans, and more so your air is cleaner and fresher. It will also move more freely. The motor will also be serviced, so every mechanical piece is functioning smoothly. You will benefit from a heating system not blocked by any faults.

Energy efficiency

Besides the benefit of more effective heating, there will also be an improvement in the unit’s energy efficiency. Clogged filters and faulty parts make the system work harder than necessary.

But when the parts are cleaned, there is less need for power. As a result, you will save on energy bills and costs throughout winter.

Safety in the home

A top concern when it comes to gas appliances is carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic byproduct created naturally by gas equipment such as heaters. It is produced in tiny amounts and vented out of the home through a flue. But any leaks can be a threat to health. 

Carbon monoxide is odourless and invisible, unlike natural gas and is considered a silent killer. A gas leak of this kind is comparable to a rotten egg smell.

It presents health symptoms such as the following:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness

Unexplained and sudden health issues may be connected to gas or carbon monoxide poisoning. If you feel strange health complaints, you must call in a professional gas fitter.

A licensed technician can perform a carbon monoxide detection test. They will trace and fix any issues.

Moreover, a gas ducted heating system can be a fire risk. It is especially the case for heaters that have not been regularly serviced.

If you notice burning smells, it is a sign you should act promptly.

Cleaner air

Clean air filters are not only crucial for efficient heating but also for healthy and high-quality air. For individuals who have asthma or other respiratory issues, poor air quality can exacerbate any symptoms.

Maintaining clean filters ensures that dust, debris, and other tiny particles are safely removed from the air.

Depending on the climate, there may also be mold growing inside the gas ducted heating equipment. These bugs are an unwelcome health risk.


Ducted heating installation can serve for the long term as long as it gets regular services. Internal parts and equipment will last longer and will have fewer accidental breakdowns.

A properly maintained ducted heater can last for up to 15 years. A well looked system can last even longer and provide long-term savings.