5 Signs of a Virus Affected Computer

As software technology is becoming advanced day by day, the threats of computer viruses are also evolving at an alarming rate. Even the best of the anti-virus application can stand a chance against these viruses. Every year millions of computers get infected with malicious software that easily snoops their way into the computers even if they have pre-installed anti-virus applications in it. And it quite possible for these viruses to infect your computer without even knowing that it can only be fixed by a professional same day home computer repair. If you want to avoid any occurring software issues, then make sure to give attention to these signs that will help you find out if your computer has a virus or not. 

1. Slow Internet Loading and Application Processing 

While a slow computer doesn’t necessarily reflect that you may have a virus, but if the change in loading speed is sudden, then it may be worth checking out what is happening to your computer. For this, you can use a speed test to check if it is happening because of the internet speed and also run task manager to measure the processing power of the computer. If either of them shows slower performance than usual, then do a scan with anti-virus software to detect if the computer has a virus or not. 

2. Unexpected Application Crashes or Freezes 

Unexpected application and PC crash is the clear sign that your computer has a virus. It happens because viruses usually damage the computer’s hard drive leading it to undergo a catastrophic system failure. But if you are still able to access your computer after a sudden freeze, ensure to perform a virus scan to determine whether this happens due to a virus or not. Moreover, a sudden application crash can also be a cause of a virus that can gradually harm your PC and makes it useless for future use. 

3. Error Messages 

With technology improvements, computers have now become quite smart in determining certain things. One of these specific things is they often find out if something wrong, and when they observe this issue, they usually show error messages. These error messages and pop-ups are the clear signs of a virus-infected computer. While these messages are hard to understand, doing web research or taking it to the nearest PC repair can be helpful to remove the virus from the computer. 

4. Ad Pop-ups and Spam 

Regular and unidentified ad pop-ups on the window screen are a red flag. These ad pop-ups usually take you to the sites that may offer you to install an anti-virus, that instead install malware. These malicious pop-ups can also install spyware that could seize your computer browser or steal your essential files and other information without your authorization. Therefore, make sure to beware of these pop-ups, and if you confront them on your computer screen, then immediately remove them as quickly as possible to avoid virus infection on your computer. 

5. Unknown Programs BootUp When Turning on the Computer 

Whether hardware failure or removing personal data, viruses can create several problems, one of the common problems they do is they boot up the virus-infected applications. If you see any other unknown programs load when you turn on your computer, then quickly turn it off again and uninstall the program as soon as possible. Even if you aren’t able to find the specific application, use the task manager tool on the computer that what programs are running on your computer at that time. The tool will help you find the specific application that causing the issue to your computer and gives you the option to delete it from the computer.