6 Signs That Your Construction Document Control Management Might Be Putting Your Projects at Risk

Although the construction sector has been relatively slow in adopting cutting-edge technology for digitizing its workflow, the industry is now evolving. 

Construction businesses are cognizant of the fact that they must embrace modern IT solutions to remain competitive. As a result, construction document management software is an integral asset for construction firms, both big and small. 

On the contrary, several issues may arise from using manual document control techniques. If left unaddressed, these issues may put your projects at risk. The key to resolving these problems is the use of construction management software for small business

As a construction owner, the following signs indicate that your construction document control method can jeopardize your projects: 

Communication Problems

With manual document control, communication may be an issue. Using a small general contractor software can help facilitate real-time communication so there is better remote collaboration. 

Remote collaboration is particularly important for the construction sector since construction teams often have to work far away from the main office and still remain in touch. Thus, construction document management software provides real-time communication channels through which remote teams can discuss key documents and even make changes to them online. This is not possible with manual control methods, though. 

Conventional methods often involve delays of several hours and even days if a document is requested or a change needs to be made. That being said, you need to choose the right construction document management software that can maximize your ability to seamlessly collaborate on key documents remotely. 


Manual methods entail filing cabinets that occupy precious office space. Files can become worn out as they are retrieved, used and replaced. This does not happen with small general contractor management software since all documentation is available online. Thus, your office space will be preserved and the files will remain safe as well. 

However, one key facet to look out for is storage security. Although online cloud storage entails much convenience and benefits, there is always the risk of a breach that could possibly harm your important files. To mitigate such possibilities, you should look for software that provides cutting- edge security protocols for your online files. The software should also give you options for backing up your files on another offline device so that you can retrieve your files safely even after a security breach transpires. 

Slow Searches

Having to flip through files and folders manually can be tedious and monotonous. Searching for the right files is another hassle because you may have to go through hundreds of files to retrieve the information you need. Quick responses are not possible this way, which makes for poor customer experience, besides sapping the productivity of your team.

The right construction management software can diminish these issues since it provides a variety of ways through which you can easily pinpoint and locate key information quickly. Tags, metadata and file management protocols can help facilitate fast retrieval of data so that you do not have to squander hours on searches. You can get in touch with your clients to report important information within a few minutes of their request.


The rate of rework is very high in the construction industry and as of 2018, the cost to general contractors stands at $31 billion. Thus, it makes sense to invest in a good construction management software that can minimize the duration of rework to save time and cost. 

A lot of rework arises because workers end up using an outdated version of the plan or drawing. Version control is a major issue with manual methods. However, this problem can be addressed with the use of construction management software because teams have instant access to the latest updated plans and drawings. No matter what changes your clients prescribe, you can communicate the same quickly to your team by sending them updated documents, thus, enabling them to expedite rework. 

The use of construction management software will improve the morale and motivation of the entire team as they will be confident that they are working with the latest updated documents. 

Closeout Package Problems

Closeout packages should ideally contain all the latest and updated versions of files and drawings pertaining to the systems, structure, construction and layout of the completed project. Regrettably, these packages often contain outdated or incomplete documents, as a result of which clients must resort to inspections and surveys to gather necessary information. Not only is this bad service, but it also incurs plenty of cost, time and effort for clients. 

Construction document control software is much more expedient since it gives you easy access to the necessary information and the latest documents. Retrieving necessary information via these IT platforms is a cinch compared to manual methods where your personnel can possibly spend hours while scrambling for the right information. 

With construction contractor software, there is a much lower risk of providing the wrong or outdated files and documents to clients in closeout packages. After having invested in the right construction software, you will find that you no longer need to respond to file requests once the project is closed. 

Access Control

Unlike manual methods, software systems give you the power to implement controls so that only authorized persons can access and make changes to key files. Unauthorized persons cannot make changes unless they gain permission. Such controls are necessary not just in construction, but all sorts of industries to mitigate the risk of fraud and embezzlement. 

Without the use of specialized construction software, it can be much more challenging to implement access control and authority. For instance, the use of a common login can increase the chances of unauthorized access during a data breach. 

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