6 Ways to Improve Your Site’s Website Design Now

Every single company needs to have a website. If you are a business running in the 21st century (which you are!), then you’ve got to have a responsive website that will bring more customers to purchase your products. This relates to every company from large multinational corporations like Amazon and Airbnb to smaller companies that may be just starting out.

However, you might not know how to improve your site’s design so your customers can find you and get to purchasing your product or service. Keep reading to learn more about how to do just that with your WordPress site.

Make sure that your site is ready for mobile viewing

If you weren’t aware of it, then you should know that a majority of website viewing and Google searching is happening on mobile devices. This means that your site has got to be mobile friendly or potential customers won’t spend any time on your site. It just doesn’t look good or feel easy to view a website on a smartphone when it’s not compatible for mobile viewing.

Go for a simple design without too much going on

The best thing you can do for your site is to have a simple design that doesn’t confuse your ecommerce visitors. If you have tons of bells and whistles and pictures and videos, then your visitors aren’t going to know what to do with them. Choose a design that’s simple and minimalist.

Be wary about using too many stock photos

Many companies will just fill their site up with stock photos to make things look more interesting when doing web design. However, customers are aware when there are stock photos being used – these are so obvious. Either take your own photos or don’t use so many stock photos!

Make navigation easy to understand

Navigation is crucial to think about when doing web development. How is your customer going to get from Point A to Point B? Ensure this has been thought about and is easy to understand for your visitors.

Ensure your contact info is easily available

Customers are going to want to get in touch with you. That’s why you need to make sure that your contact information is easy to get on your site when designing your UX site. Put it right there in the open and your visitors are going to be much more satisfied when they need to chat.

Make sure everything works, in general

Go through your entire site and ensure every single button, link, and banner works properly. Nothing is worse than getting to a site and then realising the button that you need doesn’t lead to anywhere. A responsive site is a successful site.