Are you looking for a large presentation display for a conference room, boardroom, or classroom, or just to get the biggest monitor available for your personal workspace? How about making it a dell touchscreen monitor, would that be good? If you answered “yes” or “maybe” to any of the above, you should check out the new Dell 70 Interactive Conference Room Monitor C7016T.

The C7016T is a strong screen in size and cost — 70 inches, with a $5,000 retail sticker price. Intended for business and instructive applications, the colossal Dell screen bolsters full HD 1,920 x 1080 determination. The LED lightbar backdrop illumination and a 176-degree seeing edge mean anybody in the room should ready to see the screen plainly and with full shading, as indicated by Dell.


The screen surface has 10-point touch ability, which implies an aggregate of 10 fingers or thumbs can be utilized on the screen independently or in mix in the meantime. For a substantial screen prone to have different individuals chipping away at it, 10-point touch ought to be adequate. There are additionally two included styluses on the off chance that you’d rather not utilize your fingers. Dell asserts the surface covering limits reflections as well as fingerprints and palm prints.

Taking all things together, there are five link inputs, including three HDMI, one DisplayPort, and one VGA. In the event that you’d rather not have a pack of unattractive links trailing from the screen, you can buy a discretionary Dell Wireless Module WR517 ($200 list) to interface with the show remotely.

There is no remain with this screen, however it accompanies an overwhelming obligation, additional vast tilt divider mount. Make certain it’s joined to divider studs when you introduce it; you won’t need this 122-pound show sticking to drywall. A polarized side board for the two styluses and the show remote control can help continue everything perfect and in one place.

The C7016T accompanies Dell’s three-year Advanced Exchange Service, which could matter if this show assumes an unmistakable part in your association. All guarantees are constrained, obviously, yet by and large, if this screen falls flat amid the three-year time frame, Dell will have a substitution dispatched to you the following business day.

You must truly need the touchscreen and introduction abilities to pay such a great amount for a screen this size. When you can get a fine 70-inch 4K TV for $2,000, it wouldn’t bode well for a great many people to pay an additional three thousand and surrender 4K for normal full-HD determination just to get touchscreen abilities. For the classroom and the meeting room, nonetheless, the C7016T may very well do the trap.