A beginner’s guide to cleanroom windows from Melaphone


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Clean room windows are ideal for providing a simple and easy way for communication to take place across environments where the importance of sterilisation is vital, from surgical operation rooms to manufacturing environments.  

So, let’s find out the basics about clean room windows.

What are clean room communications?

A clean room is any environment that needs to be controlled to maintain sterilisation and the highest quality manufacturing of products from pharmaceuticals to aerospace components. But communication both visual and audio, though vital in such environments it is often difficult due to the barriers required to keep a clean room sterile.

But Melaphone is a provider of clean room windows which removes any barriers to communication, allowing users to speak into the clean room communication system to inform for example a surgeon of anyvital information, rather than entering the clean room and breaking sterilisation protocol, by potentially bringing in contaminants!

Maintain standards.

In a clean room, there’s a certain dress code which is to be worn by professionals, admittedly, it’s not the most glamorous choice of outfits butat the end of the day, itprevents the spread of germs and bacteria!

A clean room needs to be exactly that… clean. Visual audio toolsare not only ideal for preventing the spread of germs and contaminants, but to allow you to see and hear clearly, making communication more efficient!

Successful communication.

What would an industry be without communication?

When it comes to clean room windows, you want to be sure that you can hear on both sides of the window. Thanks to Melaphone, you can apply a clean room window to your sterile environment to transfer sounds quickly, smoothly and clearly.

What’s more; communication is so clear that a loudspeaker isn’t necessary and air cannot flow through the clean room communication system so you needn’t worry about contaminants transferring into the clean room.

Increasing visibility.

Not only can you hear through a clean room communication system, you can see. This makes communication even more efficient because you can have a conversation and understand what’s being said, whilst at the same time, keeping eye-contact with the person (colleague or visitor).

It is said the communication is 90% non-verbal, so ensuring that you can visually communicate across a clean room environment is key to ensuring successful communication no matter what industry. And transparent clean room windows are perfect if you’re looking for a high degree of vision but safety and security too!


In controlled environments, there’s an element of safety required. Whether you’re protecting the health and well-being of patients or your valuable equipment, a clean room communication system is exactly what you need.

Melaphone supply clean room windows that can be used on a daily basis. They’re hands-free and perfect for several applications. Who would’ve thought that a polycarbonate plastic window could be so useful?

If you need any more information regarding clean room communications, the professionals at Melaphone are more than happy to help.

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