A little trick to download Instagram photos on your browser

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There are several ways to get Instagram photos, but most of them vary depending on your browser and require you to instigate the elements and swim among the source code of the website. You can also use third-party applications, but whenever you can do without them we will save installing one more application, with the risk to our security that may involve doing so with those we do not know.

However, there is a little trick on the social network website that makes everything much simpler. It has to do with the way in which Instagram shows the web addresses or URLs, and only by making a small change in them you can download any photo in any browser from any operating system.

Instagram has blocked the option to download the images on your browser, so that when you right click on one you will not see the option to save as. What we are going to do is simply add a parameter to the URL of the image to skip this block.

Skipping the blockade of Instagram downloads

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The first thing you have to do is to enter Instagram normally. As you would on the mobile, explore the social network until you find the photo you want to download, and when you do, open it. For that click on it, but you can also right click and choose the option Open link in a new tab.

Now look in the address bar, because depending on how you did it you will have one address or another. If you have opened the image in a new tab or window you will have the basic URL. On the other hand, if you have just clicked on it you will have a last part specifying who the photo is. But if you use software such as Instadp doing the following trick is not needed.

The trick

To download the image, all you have to do is add “/ media /? Size = l” (with lowercase L) to the basic address of the photo, either adding the text in the first case or replacing it with the ” taken-by = “in the second.

Doing this you will enter directly in the photo, and not on the Instagram page that the photo serves you. With this you will stop being in the web of the social network, and the blockages will not be applied. The lower case L is important at the end of the code, as it indicates that you want to view its full-size version.