A Virtual Office in London

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It’s fantastic that technology has enabled you to sit anywhere – café or a beach for instance – and wear anything – like short or your pyjamas – while transacting your business at whatever hours you need to without having to physically travel to work, there are advantages to having a London office address.

Enter virtual office services!

Virtual offices give your company the global presence you need to gain the trust of potential customers. And a having a virtual office in London lends you even more clout.

What Exactly Is a Virtual Office In London?

Virtual offices are workspaces that a business professional can rent for a certain period of time to use as a professional office.

Virtual offices in London are fully equipped and ready to develop commercial and entrepreneurial activity.

You can buy a business presence in London immediately while only paying a fraction of what you would pay for a physical office.

By purchasing a virtual office in London you also gain tax addresses, virtual addresses, and a business address; all of which guarantee an excellent image to your customers and allow you to control movements, contracts, and negotiations.

Using a virtual office in London makes it easy to grow your business without spending money on travel and full-time employees.

Getting A Virtual Office In London Checklist

No individual virtual office will look exactly the same as another.

Perhaps you do have a physical office in London, but would like to complement it with virtual assistants.

Maybe you truly are starting with nothing and want to have a 100% virtual office in London from the beginning.

No matter what your ultimate goals are, you should always map out your strategy before diving in.

When considering a virtual office in London consider the following

  • Virtual receptionists
  • Virtual assistants
  • Virtual phone systems or answering services
  • Virtual call centers
  • Virtual business addresses
  • Rentable meeting spaces

Deciding how many of these things you wish to utilize will help you plan out how much work is involved in getting started and where to actually start.

Characteristics Of A Virtual Office In London

Virtual office services in London are a convenient and excellent alternative when you want to rent an office space and want a flexible solution.

Some virtual office services specialise only in one specific area. Others combine two, three, or four areas to provide virtual office services with full features.

Here are some of the features to look for when hiring a virtual office service in London-

London Physical Office Services – Virtually

A virtual office in London can privid physical office services such as conference rooms and a reception area.

You will also have access to office equipment such as printers, projectors, telephones, and computers.

As a customer you can usually rent office space on the site and share these services with other tenants, or you can work from elsewhere. If you choose the latter you will be able to use these services when necessary.

Virtual London Office Correspondence Address

Whether you decide to rent office space on the site and share these services with other tenants, or work from elsewhere you can take advantage of a physical London address.

For instance you can use the physical address as a mail forwarding service for customer correspondence.

Virtual Answer Service and Call Forwarding

Virtual offices in London offer a telephone receptionist to answer calls in a professional manner. These can be customised with a personalised greeting on behalf of the client.

Messages and calls can be sent to the home or office, depending on your requirements and availability.

Virtual London Office Support and Technical Equipment

Virtual support staff is one of the most convenient features of a virtual office in London.

In addition to reception services you can get support for the following

  • Secretarial and administrative services
  • Accounting
  • Help developing web sites
  • Network administration
  • Technical support

Access to these services can save you having to hire employees or outside contractors to handle such tasks.

Hiring a Virtual Office In London

Hiring a virtual office in London includes many things with a whole lot of moving parts including

  • Software
  • Wireless/wired networking
  • Internet security and support
  • Electronic equipment

Remember to consider how you save files and protect personal and customer information. Consider giving your files a restricted access so only registered users can access them.

The new generation of entrepreneurs now work from anywhere. However the change from a traditional office to a virtual cannot be so easy.

Specialised help may be needed to make your transition to a virtual office in London and get you the best service for your business needs.