All the Information you need to Know about Vaping

You would be surprised to know that many people don’t know what vaping is. What’s worse is that quite a few don’t know e-cigarettes exist. Another surprising statistic is nearly 10 million Americans vape today, and this has led to a decline in the number of Americans who smoke by two million. While it’s difficult to estimate the number of people vaping worldwide, that number is estimated be around 30 million people as the number of people who purchase vape juice is on the rise. The story of vaping has been an instant hit for media and newspapers. Many see vaping as a form of free market capitalism or as a way of people responding to the use of normal cigarettes, something that posed a health risk to many people around the globe. Consequently, like many cases of free-market capitalism, the government is yet to come up with rules and regulation of this industry.

What is vaping?
For starters, vaping is the process of inhaling the product of an e-cigarette and vapor for that case. This brings another term called an e-cigarette that can be defined as a gadget with a coil inside it being powered by a battery. The coil is positioned in an atomizer with the aim being to transform the e-liquid to the vapor. In most cases, the liquid that is put into the atomizer consists of vegetable glycerin and propylene. These two substances are then mixed with soluble food flavors. The option of including nicotine into the e-cigarette is the will of the user although this is easily customizable.

More about vaping
There are little know effects of vaping compared to normal cigarettes. For addicted smokers, vaping can serve as a means to quit smoking. They, however, can be very addictive to non-smokers and these could consequently lead to nicotine addiction. E- Cigarettes come in different sizes, but many people go for the cigarette sized ones as they are accustomed to normal cigarettes. Other reasons for vaping may be to reduce risks and to save money from normal smoking. By the end of 2015, it is estimated that the vaping industry is a $7 billion industry with over 500 brands of e-cigarettes.

History of Vaping
The first vaping device was invented in China by a Chinese pharmacist known as Hon Lik 14 years ago. This may perhaps be the reason why most cigarettes are still being produced from China. Since then, there has been a revolution of the e-cigarettes and vape juices. These juices come in different flavors with some being customized like major meals. There is a flavor that resembles fruits, sweet treats, breakfast, premium juice, and beverages. Other flavors include tobacco, menthol, mig top blends as well as desserts.

The vaping industry has had its share of troubles after the world health organization denounced its association with it. This was followed by many governments with some banning the use of vaping products in public places such as schools, cafes, bars and museums. This was to reduce the effect of passive vaping.