Alternative to Photoshop (best Five programs)

We are all aware of the recent craze in photography. And the cool things you can do using powerful graphics tools such as Adobe Photoshop. But that doesn’t come in cheaply also you need the software download. In case you are wondering finding a crack, let me tell most of those cracks don’t work normally. So what should you be doing in order to edit images, create graphics and infographics? The answer isn’t that hard enough. You can just simply one of few alternatives that will work for you the same way that Photoshop does.

Here are the best alternatives we could find for Photoshop. These comprise of web based online tools as well as software that may get the job done. Fulfilling all your needs of Adobe Photoshop.

  • GIMP

Gimp is probably, the best alternative with highest following after Adobe Photoshop. It is a free and open source image editing software. You just have to visit the website and initiate the software download. It is cross platform hence no need worrying whether it will go with your system or not. A set of good tools is what Gimp has to offer to whether you are a designer, regular user, photographer, it will come in handy.

  • OnlinePhotoShopFree

Free photoshop is probably one among the best open source, graphic editor, and photo editor. It works online so you can access this editor anywhere, anytime you want. It offers all the basic features that you wish to an editor and all those basic features that Adobe Photoshop offers. Which is why you won’t find any differences? Which makes this web based online editor better, and impressive.

You will develop a liking for this web application pretty soon once you start using it.

  • FreePhotoEditor

Third on the list is another web based photoshop free, open source photo editor. Whether you like to edit an image or create graphics from scratch, this web based editor has in it everything to suffice you. With an interface designed to be friendlier for the users, FreePhotoEditor competes with those editors considered among the best alternatives to Adobe’s Photoshop. Though nothing can be as better as the Photoshop it is still able enough to get you the job done.

  • Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

This editor is different from the rest, as the creators are same, who developed Adobe Photoshop editor. They knew people might be looking for an alternative, so they themselves created an online image editor. Comprises of all the basic image and photo editing tools and features are not as good as Photoshop but enough to get the job done for you.

  • PhotoPea Editor

Final on the list is PhotoPea. Another web based, cross platform image editing tool. It is powerful enough to suffice all your basic needs. Interactive user-friendly interface eases the editing and makes you get used to of it quite quickly. Whether it’sa PSD, XCF or sketch formats, it knows a way of dealing all of them. Which is why PhotoPea makes it to our list.

Bottom line

Having alternatives to Adobe Photoshop is what most of the designers are looking for. Not everyone can their hands on the Editor which is why these alternatives will have a role to play for them. You can get started without wasting any further time.