Anonymous Surfing Download Reliable, Legal, and Fast With a VPN

Downloading on the internet is an interesting topic. There are those that call it piracy, copyright infringement, and just plain stealing.  There are just as many that avidly support it, saying that it helps artists not hurts them, that media corporations are already over charging and those that download movies and music from torrents and over P2P would not go out an buy the stuff anyway. 

They also say that there is no way to control it, and laws trying to stop such activity are going to break the internet, killing sites like YouTube and Facebook, and other sites promoting creativity.  Perhaps most users dont think about it too much, and just download online hoping that no ones watching.

VPN – best solution for downloading files anonymously

Whatever your take on it is, many countries are starting to crack down on surf anonymously online , especially P2P and torrent sites.  The US, The UK, New Zealand, and Australia are slowly passing more and more law protecting the copyrights of the media you download, and finding more ways to catch and prosecute the offenders.  This is why anonymous downloading is gaining popularity.  VPNs are one of the best way to download anonymously online.

Before you sign up for a virtual private network service  however, there are two things you should know.

  1. Not all VPN services support P2P and Torrents
  2. Using a VPN will not protect you if you’re downloading illegally

Here are some VPN services for torrents to get you started.  You should always check the Terms of Service the VPN provider you want to sign up for, and if you’re still not sure, just send an email to support tell them where you are, and ask if they have servers that will allow you to download anonymously without any problems.  You’ll be subject to local laws of the VPN server you sign in to, so if you’re in The UK, even though downloading online could get you in trouble, if you’re signed into a Russian server, you wont have any problems.

3 VPN service for Anonymous Surfing Download


PureVPN allows torrents on Russian, Netherlands, and a few other server locations, and offers some very cost efficient plans, including a lite plan, and dedicated IP addresses.  In addition to this, the offer SSTP VPN for Windows 7 and Vista.  Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux can use one of their PPTP or L2TP plans.


This is A VPN service that explicitly says that you can download torrents over their network.  You have got to use servers in The Netherlands if you go for their SwitchVPN package, and you can use the servers from The Netherlands, Latvia, and Switzerland if you get a ComboVPN package.

SwitchVPN has a great service- Unlimited bandwidth, free server switching, live/email support, NAT firewall options, and a 5 day money back guarantee.  $6 dollars a month for a standard package (one server choice), and $10 dollars a month for ComboVPN (multiple VPN servers).

Hide My Ass

HMA has lots of forum discussions about downloading torrents through their service, and I contacted their support team. Downloading torrents is OK! But theyre very clear about not supporting illegal activity.  Hide My Ass is has almost 200+ different country IP addresses, including Easter European, South American, and Asian countries where copyright laws havent developed yet, and you wont have any problems.  Also, the support staff member informed me that if they receive any complaints, youll be informed first, so at least you get a warning in case you unintentionally step on any toes.

If you want some free stuff, theyve got that too. You can try you luck with open proxy server.  Using open proxies is always a bit of a security risk, and HMA isnt responsible for what happens to your private data if you use the open proxies listed on their site they dont  own them!  But they provide a fresh list, frequently updated, and you can organize them according to different criteria speed anonymity and country location.  Theres also a free web based proxy, but you cant download torrents on it.