Assessment of Virtual Reality Systems

Virtual Reality is a tremendous concept enabling people to break the dimensions of the real world and enter into a fascinating fantasy. Virtual Reality refers to the computer technology that creates a fictitious environment, whereby a person can experience realistic pictures, sounds, and other sensations. Nowadays, VR is being used in various areas such as videogames, molecular visualization, architecture, military training, etc. A few points are to be considered before buying a VR headset.


Firstly, it should be determined for what purpose the VR will be used. Whether it should be used indoors to play video games or to use it outdoors also determines what type of VR headset is to be bought.

Suitability to PC or Smartphone

It should be checked whether the VR headset is compatible with a person’s PC and/ or smartphone’s hardware.

Field of view

VR can be felt at its best when the view of a great scope, so a VR headset with a view of more degrees is the best. Usually, the field of view for VR headsets ranges from 90 to 120 degrees.


VR headsets need to be of preferably lesser weight because that would help to enjoy the virtual reality for a longer period of time without any difficulty.

Convenient for augmented reality

VR headsets should not disconnect a person from the real world and for that, recent mobile based headsets enable the phone’s real camera to look out.

Control system

VR can be experienced at its best when the headset enables the user to have maximum control of movement and interaction within the virtual simulation.

Build quality

It should be ensured that the headset is made of the durable quality of materials. It should be rigid, long lasting and made with the high-quality material.

Lens quality

The lens is a very important aspect of VR headset. It should be ensured that lens is of a good quality so that it doesn’t harm the eyes. It should also be seen that adjustable lens are available.


The VR Headset should contain good belts or band to hold itself against a person’s face properly.


Despite the presence of amazing features, comfort matters the most while using a VR headset. The headset must fit the face properly and must have cushions for a soothing experience of the fictional world.

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