Audio Visual Tips for Meetings in Houston

Wow! Your D-day has finally arrived and you are about to make the presentation of your life. You are very much relaxed knowing that everything else is in place since you had already planned for it with a flawless schedule.

You are then introduce to make your presentation and just before you could even welcome people and introduce yourself, disaster strikes. The presentation you spent much time on has suddenly been replaced by a blue screen.

Well, if it was a project you were pitching looking to find investors, it is very unfortunate but the opportunity is now gone. This is usually a very embarrassing moment and might even haunt you for the rest of your life.

But then it doesn’t have to be this way. You can try using some audio visual components as they play an integral part to the success of your meetings and conferences. They should therefore not be overlooked.

Below are some audio visual tips you could use for your meetings. You can also find more effective tips here

  1. Map the conference room

It is important that you clearly get the picture of your meeting room so that you can plan things accordingly.

You should know how many people are going to show up for the meeting. This will help you to map the room and see if the space has the right dimensions. Besides, through this you will also know what kind of projection screen to use.

You should also be able to know whether you will need to use front or back screens so that people will be able to see what you are presenting.

It will also be a huge advantage if the hotel staff will provide some help in setting up the room according to your likeness for good viewing.

  1. Always ask for the audio visual components before time

Try getting quotes from the hotel in advance so that you make sure they are fully aware of the things you need for when the big day comes.

If you happen to find a good conference center, the staff will help you to set the equipment as most of them usually do.

Some will even go ahead and hire for you an AV technician to help you operate the equipment when you are making your presentation.

  1. Go for wireless equipment

Always choose to use wireless speakers and microphones. This will keep you safe as you don’t want to be tripping over cords each time you move around.

With wireless equipment, you don’t have to worry about any screeching sounds. It is also recommended that you pick a conference room that has access to Wi-Fi.

This will come in handy especially if you want to send any mails or attachments to your audience during the presentation.

They will also be able to easily get the sent attachments through their phones and computers. This simply facilitates the whole process and gives you an easy time.

  1. Know your equipment

It will become very embarrassing if the meeting starts and you don’t know how to use the machines. You need to be the master of the machines you are using.

You might be having a great presentation but when it doesn’t show on the day of the meeting, everything you worked so hard to prepare will be gone just like that.

However, if by the start of the meeting everything runs smoothly, you will be ahead already.

  1. Bright projectors

You already know that projectors plays a very important part during a presentation and might be the key to a good presentation.

With that in mind, don’t always run to get cheap projectors with poor lighting. You don’t want a projector that will force your audience to struggle so that they might be able to see.

If that happens then your presentation will go down as one of the poorest with no quality.


With these few ideas, you should be able to make just the perfect presentation. Perhaps you are looking to bring onboard some investors to your project and you have been given a chance to show what you’ve got.

You might be having some great content but with poor presentation, no one will be interested. These tips will help you to stay ahead of the game whenever you are preparing to make a presentation. Use them to conquer the world of audio visual in Houston.