Be On The Alert With A Personal Weather Station

During this time of monsoon season, everyone is cautious and alert to the changing weather after the massive flood that happened in our country recently. That flood woke up many people from their easy going attitude towards the weather because of the damage and destruction it did to the majority of the local community. Previously, only isolated places were flooded and not many people were affected. This round, areas that normally do not experience flood were flooded with few metres of water.

I suppose by now, people who are IT savvy or those who are using smartphones will probably take the initiative to download one of the weather tracking apps onto their smartphone to monitor the weather. Through that flood incident, no one wish to go through that experience again. It is better to be forewarned than be taken by surprise again and it was a very costly surprise and experience.

After this disaster, we hope that the local authority and those responsible in the monitoring of the weather condition will take the initiative to install better and more accurate weather sensors or to upgrade their current weather stations. If weather condition was properly monitored, I suppose early warning would have been given and the people would have ample time to prepare for the disaster. Belongings could have been shifted to higher and safer grounds and evacuation of people and livestock would have been carried out smoothly.

Besides the big scale live weather stations used by the meteorological services, etc. individuals can also choose to install a personal weather station at their home, school or at their organization. A personal weather station comprises of a set of weather measuring instruments which may include instruments to measure temperature, relative humidity, pressure, rainfall, and wind speed and direction.

Severe weather may not happen often but it is always safer to track the changing weather condition especially at this time of monsoon season. Natural disaster can strike any place and at any time. Tracking with Earth Networks severe weather tracking solutions will keep you on the alert and forewarned to keep you and others safe from dangerous or life threatening situation.

The weather tracking system is a one stop weather tracking solution. It is the ability to collaborate with others through real-time screen sharing of your weather dashboard. It also allows the configuration of hours of operation, lightning-strike distance, alert duration and auto-generated email and text alerts to recipients.