Benefits Of Using Radios As Lines Of Communication Are Important To Businesses

Back in the 1990s during the birth of rapid modern technology progression, 2 way radios were popular to use. As time progressed, many individuals and work environments switched to using cell phones as the main form of communication. However, old companies that produce these radios and now new manufactures are starting to upgrade the way communication works again.

Today we are going to discuss the benefits of utilizing 2 way radios in the business world. Our goal is to display how implementing these into your business will not only be an efficient form of communication, but affordable as well.

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Great reception in work areas

Many cell phone companies today believe that they have the best reception in the area and country. While that is a sales tactic to get new consumers and retain current consumers, this promise is not always the truth. Anything can cause reception from a cell phone to drop. Situations such as (but not limited to) strong weather/wind environments, tower issues, and technical outages happen on a daily basis.

With 2 way radios, your reception is more dependable and durable in the latter situations mentioned. This is important for work fields such as construction, mining, and train/railroad workers. It is vital to always have reliable lines of communications in these professions. At any moment an emergency situation can occur. It is important that consistent communication is available to avoid the worst case scenarios at all times.

Quicker lines of on-location communication than cell phones/e-mails

When you are on-location at a job it is vital to have equipment that is efficient and does not take up unnecessary space. When workers have radios on hand, they are typically smaller than your average cell phone. These radios are also easy to function with easy-to-use push buttons that are easy to learn.

For the work fields that benefit from consistent communication, cell phones and tablets are typically not the best options. Cell phone batteries tend to die quicker than radios. If a cell phone dies on-location and an external battery charger is unavailable, then it does no good for the workers and their lines of communication.

Save money on cell phone plans

Companies of all sizes do what is best within their financial budgets to provide employees with the best equipment possible. When it comes to purchasing cell phone plans for businesses, they can become a bit expensive. The plans alone are broken up into “shared data” and can easily be overused if not monitored appropriately.

With 2 way radios as your mobile form of communication, all you need is to make sure they are charged appropriately and proper channels. There is no need to remember phone number or e-mail addresses. Also, when there is a transition of employees, it is easier to keep these radios in-house compared to cell phones (which have been stolen in some companies).