Best Ways To Write Creative Blog Posts In Less Time

Blogging can be done on a varied range of topics. With so many bloggers present online, things that makes one stand out from another is the quality, information and presentation. You need to create enriching, unique, and informational posts to make the desired impact on people. Though to bring about high-quality blog posts, you have to invest a good amount of time and effort in preparing it. What if you have less time? Can’t it be possible to write awesome blog posts in less time? We have compiled a few ways that will help you create superior quality articles in less time.

Focus on the speed:

Writing is one of the parts of blogging. There are a lot many things involved to actually bring up a blog post online. These activities are finding the right topic, information gathering, editing, making images, SEO optimization, content publishing, and finally marketing it on various social networking channels and websites.

All these activities take up a significant amount of time. So, if you want to create a blog post in less time, you need to ensure that you complete all the above-mentioned activities in an efficient and quick way.

Below the right ways to accomplish all these activities smartly and quickly are mentioned:

Idea Generation

Keep a small notepad handy with you. So, whenever a blog idea strikes you mind, you need to write it down. You can even use your smartphone for collecting the topics.


As you need to back your arguments by relevant figures, statistics and facts, you need to do a good amount of research to write excellent blogs. Google Search tools have advanced features and options that can significantly reduce the research time. Wordable is one of the excellent Google doc to WordPress plugin that transfers blog content from Google docs to WordPress without compromising on the formatting.

Writing Content

Stopping distractions and improving your typing speed will help you write a blog post in a rapid way. Stop casual browsing on tabs, PC, mobile phones etc. and make sincere and dedicated effort towards writing a blog post. It is advisable not to open the browser unless and until you seriously want to search for anything relevant to your blog post.


Editing is required to improve the quality of the article. At many areas in the article, you can find the presence of unpolished, irrelevant, or vague content that is needed to be replaced by targeted, meaningful, and informative content. There are several vocabulary and grammar checking tools available online to assist a user in editing the article in less time.

Blogging is one of the things that requires a lot of time. Due to this reason, many online marketers or business owners find it tough to write excellent blogs in a consistent way. These simple tips would definitely help a blogger to make quick blogs in less time. Not just your blogging speed will improve but also blogging skills in a dramatic way.