Bizarre and weird Amazon products

If I have to pick one out of the world’s most famous online market then the answer would definitely be Amazon. It has everything that we could possibly want and even stuff that you’ll not be able to think of. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in today post. I’m 100% guarantee that you’ll be surprised by these unusual products which we found extremely weird and bizarre.

Trump Toilet Paper

The first product on our list is a toilet paper. Not just any ordinary one, it is Donald Trump toilet paper. And what makes it different from others that it has the face of our president pouting his lips toward. So each time you want to wipe your bottom, he’ll appear and says: “let me…” (you get the idea). It’s a very funny looking piece of paper and also serve as a great item for decoration. Plus, it does wipe pretty good, if you know what I mean.

The Official BS Button

Now here is another worthlessly interesting item. True to its name, all you get for purchasing this product is just a small piece of the button that has a “bull shit” on it. And what happens when you press the button is that it’ll say the word so you don’t have to do it anymore. It’s may sound worthless but can be pretty fun sometimes. Says, like when you’re mad at someone and you don’t want to talk to them. They even have other similar buttons that say many different words. Pretty interesting if you ask me.

Hands Finger Puppets

Now, this is a creepy one. It’s a set of ten small plastic hands that we can wear on our hands like puppets. But the moment you put them on your fingers, it gets creepy as hell. Especially when you waving your fingers, urgh… feels like Anabelle is sitting right next to me. Still, it a good addition to my weird stuff collection.

2 Poop Emojis Stress Balls

I accidentally found this product on a review site. I don’t remember the exact name (probably IFLReview, I guess). It’s the only product that I find useful in the list, I guess. The two soft stress ball that has the shape of poop will help you relief from stress and discomfort. They also look like real ones so you can use them to trick others. Maybe put them in their food or in their bed when they’re sleeping. It’d be so much fun watching their reactions.

Fake tongue

Oh my god, you have to look at these and touch them to feel the weird and discomfort (in an unusually good way). They look like real tongue and feel like real ones too. It’s so weird touching it, it’s like I’m touching my own tongue. I find it oddly satisfying. The product can make one hell of a Halloween prank for those with good humor. I’m sure that their scaredy-cat friends would go crazy because of these. They even hurt my tongue just by touching my hands.

There are many more unusual items on Amazon that we want to show you. Thumbs up if you want another similar article.