Black Hat SEO Technique- Things You Should Avoid

In the field of search engine optimization, there are several techniques that are people and the companies use. While there are lots of safe ways to do the things of SEO, there is also a risk factor that is forbidden by the Google. The risk factor to perform the Search engine optimization tactics is the black hat SEO; here some of the methods are used to get the high rankings by not following the search engine rules. For all the search engine professionals out there, the black hat SEO technique is the process that is used to get high ranks in an unethical manner. The techniques are totally technical and the Google does not approve them.

Here Are Some Of The Black Hat Techniques That You Avoid-

  1.    Excessive keyword stuffing-

Keyword stuffing is the process of filling the web page with the excessive amount of keywords so that Google or other search engines think that the page is relevant to the search. Mainly, these keywords are irrelevant to the actual site that you have. At times, these keywords are kept hidden from the user, but they are actually scanned by the Google. Keyword stuffing can give rise to poor user experience.Image result for Black Hat SEO Technique- Things You Should Avoid

  1.    Article spinning

It is the technique where the owners of the website post the contents relevant to the site by just rewriting, replacing some of the parts and making slight differences. The article spinning is reducing the quality of the original article. This is considered as one of the common black hat SEO technique.

  1.    Cloaking

It is the process that shows the different content to the search engine crawlers than it is shown to the site visitors. Some common forms of cloaking are using various keywords, descriptions, and titles that are totally different from the actual content.

These are three common black hat techniques that are to be avoided. If you want to be a proficient SEO expert, try to prevent black hat SEO tactics and follow the processes that are authorized by Google.