BlockuDoku by Easybrain – Ultimate Guide 

Easybrain is a market leader in the app development segment, and its games are popular all over the world. With millions of downloads, not just BlockuDoku but even Sudoku, Nonogram, Jigsaw, and Differences are amongst its top-rated gaming apps. Talking of BlockuDoku, it is a strategically designed block game for both beginners as well as the pros. In fact, the level of difficulty depends on how well you play right from the beginning. 

So, something that you may consider as difficult could really be extremely easy – maybe you are just missing out on the essence of it. Perhaps you are overthinking and working too less. Or, perhaps you have not yet figured out what pieces do what and how you can crack down the lines or boxes. Block games are only tricky if you make them so – once you know what goes where it all falls right in place. 

How to Play BlockuDoku?

When you first install the game, it takes you through a short tutorial to understand the basics. So, the rules are simple – pick any block from the ones that keep popping up in the bottom bar. Drop it on the 9×9 larger (primary) grid wherever you think a straight horizontal or vertical line or a box can be filled. The only tactic of playing these block games is to match and bash the lines and boxes, keeping the board as clean as you can. 

Cleanliness is the key to winning, not only in real life but also in BlockuDoku! The messier your board gets, the lesser are your chances of winning. The game restarts if the board is full, and there is no space to drop blocks anymore. However, you are not losing any lives or not getting back to square one – so no worries. You can play the daily challenges and customize themes as per your choice. This will make the gameplay even more enjoyable.

What Else?

The best thing about the game is you can also catch up on the previous days’ levels. Initially, you might not get success at every level. But, once you get the hang of playing the BlockuDoku mobile game, you will realize what patterns and tricks work the best. Not that the levels get repetitive or boring, but just like how you tend to start identifying similar patterns in Sudoku, BlockuDoku has the same trick. There is no guesswork involved, simple human logic, and that is it!

So, what are you waiting for? Go, and try to get the best score you can! Download one of the best block games on your Apple or Android smartphone right away. It is a power-packed combination of the classic block puzzles along with Sudoku, and if you love both, you will not be disappointed!