Boost Your Sales & Revenue with Ecommerce Merchant Account in USA

Stepping into ecommerce may seem easier than staying there and, most importantly, thriving in this industry. With countless online shopping portals selling similar merchandise, there are a few factors that can help you distinguish your ecommerce website/app from the rest. One of the biggest determinants that influence a shopper’s decision to buy or not to buy from a particular ecommerce site or app is the guarantee of safe and secure payment. With ecommerce merchant accounts in USA, merchants can receive payments from their customers online without worrying about potential frauds and other security threats. At PaymentUSA, we offer e-commerce PCI compliant merchant solutions to save you and your customers from online frauds while shopping from your ecommerce website/app. 

To further reduce the PCI scope of your ecommerce site, we can use our secure server for hosting your payment form. This will eliminate the need to store or capture any credit card details (during transactions) within your secure payment environment. While reducing your vulnerability to fraud exposure, this also helps augment your credibility and liability as a merchant. All our ecommerce merchant accounting solutions are designed bearing in mind the PCI-compliance.  

Call us to get your ecommerce merchant accounts in USA and start accepting all major credit cards, debit cards, and payment cards. By encrypting the information of the card right from the entry point till authorization, and adopting most advanced measures of security, we strive to minimize payment frauds, identity theft, and data breach risks. 

Do you want to protect your customers’ payment (card) information while keeping your business safe from possible abuse or fraud? With ecommerce merchant accounts from PaymentUSA, now you can do it. Our merchant account services are quick and reliable, so you get the solution securely and quickly. Why not schedule a free consultation with our experts to discuss your ecommerce merchant account needs?

Consider a MOTO Merchant Account in USA…

Does your online business require you to accept credit card payments over the phone? MOTO merchant accounts in USA let you accept credit cards by manually inserting them into your secure payment gateway through a virtual terminal. PaymentUSA is your MOTO merchant account company that can be relied upon for creating your PCI compliant ecommerce merchant account, MOTO merchant account, and other online payment processing systems and merchant accounts. To reduce your e-commerce site’s PCI scope, let BluePay host your payment form on our secure server. Doing so removes the need to capture or store any credit card details within your payment environment. Not only does this decrease your fraud exposure, but it also helps to reduce your merchant liability. 

What is MOTO merchant account?

To introduce, MOTO refers to mail order/telephone order. Using MOTO credit card processing system on a tiered plan, merchants can easily and securely accept card-not-present transactions online. MOTO merchant accounts are highly useful for ecommerce business as well as delivery-based services. 

Ecommerce is certainly one of the biggest gainers if we look at the trends in last few months. With more and more people preferring to shop online rather than visit the stores physically, especially in the wake of the global pandemic, you may ensure safe online payments with your ecommerce merchant account. If you also want to take your ecommerce business to totally newer heights of success and growth while ensuring safe, secure, and quick payments, call us for your ecommerce merchant account, or MOTO merchant account requirement in USA.