Businesses and Offices that Cannot Survive without a Copier

They say everything will go digital in no time and everyone should go with the flow in order to keep up with the changing times.

While this might be true in some aspects of businesses, there are still areas in the operations that cannot be 100% paperless. There are some processes that require physical documents because of the convenience that paper copies offer.

To help you understand this predicament better, we listed down some of these companies and offices that cannot survive without a copy-producing device, simply called copiers.

Law Offices

Details. Details. Details. A law office and the legal profession itself requires careful attention to details. One tiny missing link may actually result to a losing lawsuit that will dictate the destiny of a law career. Even in law schools, students are trained to rummage through the pages of huge and heavy law books and other physical reading materials.

That is the reason why even those elite and most advanced law firms still stick to voluminous books. This fact is evidenced by libraries in law offices. When lawyers discuss with their clients, they bring suitcases with affidavits, depositions, paper evidence, and other legal documents tucked inside.

It is believed that not matter how advanced technology can get decades from now, lawyers will still stick with these paper documents that they’ve grown up with. But aside from the nostalgic feel that papers bring, lawyers love to jot down notes, flip through pages, and make references using their pens rather than swiping gadgets when explaining or making a point. This is the reason why papers will always be around law offices today and in the years to come.

So if you’re thinking about putting up your own law office, either buy a highly-functional copier or go for a more cost-effective solution of renting copiers from reputable companies.

Educational Establishments

Needless to say, teachers still have to reproduce some physical copies of reading materials and homework for their students even when online education is on the rise. A lot of things have been said about the advantages of online schools, but there are still benefits in traditional education that can never be replaced by online lectures and classes. And even when schools choose to go online, papers in educational institutions are still indispensable.

Graphic Design Firms

There’s no denying that graphic design firms producing arts for clients need a copier. They have to see the physical representation of their work before they deliver it to clients. Physical marketing materials, of course, will always be around. Billboards never lose their magic and actual posters that we see on establishments and shopping malls will always be there.

And what equipment will produce the copies of these physical representations before printing them out large scale? Of course, copiers. Even when discussing the design to clients, it will still be best for graphic design firms to print the layout or the draft first and discuss it with the customer until they agree on the final design. This is where the relevance and indispensability of copiers lie.

All Others

This catch-all item include all other businesses and offices that cannot go 100% paperless. One of the reasons for this is that physical contracts are still vital in all transactions. Digital signatures may have been used widely these days but physical documents will always be the most convenient tool during discussions and in making or referring to transactions.