Can we play free Pokémon Sun and Moon on Nintendo 3DS 11.3 ?

Now many gamers prefer to play free 3DS or NDS games on Nintendo 3DS, just like the Pokemon, Mario, Zelda 3DS games. As we all know, Pokemon Sun and Moon are so popular, but it is not cheap to buy this two game cards, so, can we play free Pokemon 3DS games on 3DS 11.3.0-36 ? Which card can hack Nintendo 3DS for free games in the market ? Today you will find your answer.Image result for Can we play free Pokémon Sun and Moon on Nintendo 3DS 11.3 ?

Sky3DS+ hack 3DS 11.3

There is a long time that a 3ds flashcart can hack Nintendo 3DS or New3DS to play free 3DS games. Just like Gateway 3DS, but this card cannot support the latest firmware 3DS 11.3.0-36. It can read 3DS games on Nintendo 3DS from the version 4.1 to 10.2. So if you have already upgraded your 3DS firmware to the lastest firmware 11.3.0-36, then this card is not your choice.

For the 3DS players who have a 3DS version 11.3.0-36, you can choose Sky3DS+ to play free Nintendo 3DS games. What’s Sky3DS+ for the Nintendo 3DS console ?  The Sky3DS+ is the new Sky3DS card. This new version allows you to go back and forth in your selection of games, with the addition of two orange buttons on the card ! It is now easier to copy your 3DS ROMs to your microSD card, because the Diskwritter software is no longer used. Simply copy and paste the games onto your memory card! Finally, the security “AP Check” of the new Nintendo games is now cracked, you can play all the latest games having this security!

It has proved that Sky3DS+ can work directly on Nintendo 3DS 11.3, here is a video for this:

 Will Sky3DS+ read Pokemon Moon and Sun ?

Not for now, but Sky3DS+ is working on it. It will support these two 3DS games very soon. Here is the news from the offical team:

  • We will release the sky3DS+ new firmware in few days!(02/08/2017)
  • An installation pack for the new sky3DS+ firmware(Pokemon moon and sun fixed! exFAT support!) will be released within 3~5 days!

So Sky3DS+ will support Pokémon Sun and Moon sonner or later. We just need to wait for the good news. How to use Sky3ds+ ? It’s quick simple, here is a guide for you:

Step A: Prepare the microSD card for SKY3DS+.

Connect the sdhc or sd card to the computer with Internet via usb reader, do not use the usb cabel provided by Sky3ds+ package. And download SD Fomatter 4.0 here, use it to format your Microsd card by FAT32.

Step B: Download the firmware V112 of SKY3DS+.

Download the firmware v112 from, then unzip your file of “firmware.bin”, put the files into your Micro SD card.

Step C : Download 3DS games

Download 3DS game Super Mario Maker from online, drag the .3ds file to the root of SD/SDHC card for SKY3DS+. If you don’t know where to get these games, ask us

Step D: Setup Sky3ds+ on 3DS/NEW 3DS 11.3.0-36U/E.

  1. Power on the console.
  2. Insert Microsd card to Sky3ds+.
  3. Put Sky3ds+ into 3DS/NEW 3DS console slot.

If you want to get a Sky3DS+, then just visit the official reseller The price is reasonable, the shipping is very fast by Express. You will get a discount !