CONNECT- A Social Network on the Blockchain  

2008 marked the beginning of what will be a total game changing innovation on how we see the internet, how we use it for our day to day activities, and what we think it can be used for. If you have heard of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology, then you are on cue to understand what this article is about.

Satoshi Nakamoto- the anonymous inventor of the Bitcoin blockchain network, sure never knew the world-changing potential of a distributed network when he targeted the financial application of the technology. The technology was aimed at eliminating the place of middle-men: the government, the bank and other financial organization from the sphere of financial transactions.

In recent years, the blockchain technology has seen a total paradigm shift on its application and future use cases.

As the Bitcoin blockchain started making waves in the fin tech world, other blockchain technology like Ethereum were developed to provide blockchain networks for disrupting use cases. Connect is one of such company that is applying the Ethereum blockchain in an industry disrupting manner.


Connect is a new blockchain/cryptocurrency startup based in Australia, that is looking to disrupt the social media industry using the Ethereum blockchain technology. The company headed by Scott Richards are developing a social media platform with Ethereum as its backbone.

Connect is a decentralized social media platform. By being decentralized, Connect will differ from other social platforms that have a centralized network.

Awesome and disrupting features of Connect.

  • A decentralized network: Connect is ran on the Ethereum blockchain, thus the system is fully decentralized and devoid of a centralized control system.
  • Fully encrypted user data: Information on blockchain networks are fully encrypted. This makes the data of users on the Connect social network both unusable for sales or for advertisement; selling of user data is typical of all social media platform today, where user data are collected and are either sold or used for adverts
  • Profile flexibility: Users can create personal or/and business profiles alike. Both profiles enjoy all the benefits the platform provides.
  • An inbuilt Marketplace: This marketplace will allow for peer to peer sales of goods and services between users of the platform, transaction totally free. The users are in total control of their data and are the administrator of all transaction that go on between them on the platform.
  • An E-wallet: This is a wallet for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. This is inbuilt on all profile for transfer of digital asset on the platform and for transactions on the inbuilt system marketplace, totally free of charge.
  • An incentive for users who engage in conversations on the platform: Users get rewarded with digital assets known as Connect.
  • An encrypted messenger: For secure and fully decentralized conversation between peers on the platform.=

Connect is a peer-to-peer social network where user data are encrypted on the network (characteristic of all blockchain technologies), thus secure and incorruptible.

Connects looks to disrupt the social media sphere and lead the industry into the ever evolving and highly futuristic world where the blockchain technology is headed.

Connect, is taking the social media industry on a dive into the immense possibilities that the blockchain technology provides. You can learn more & follow the development of Connect Social at