Contentmart Review: Online Content Marketplace

Whether you are a freelance writer in India or any other part of the world or a business needing quality contents to support your campaign and marketing drives, Contentmart is a seamless solution that takes off the burden of web content creation from the clients.

As a blogger, business on the digital media and content users generally, you can “work’ into Contentmart platform and easily source for contents and copies from professional, verified writers at a competitive price. There are a large number of creative writers in India and other countries across the world converging with an array of expertise and experience.


Contentmart has particularly made the process of shopping for writers quite simple. You can observe writers’ writing skills from their bids and check their work collections from their profiles. Also, their level of skills in the use of English is clearly shown along with their names on the bidding page.

As a business in need of creative web contents, you can save yourself the stress of trying to personally verified writers skills. Even more, you can read through the ratings provided by previous clients every writer has worked with. After all these verifications, you can also have one-on-one chats with your preferred creative writer to clear your doubts and/or proved your views about them.

Then, you can award the content writing jobs and sit back while Contentmart ensures your work is timely, original and the quality safeguard. Even more, you have the right to reject the work if the quality of the content is bad.

On the other hand, as a freelance writer in India, you have the opportunity to bid in Rupees and can also go through hundreds of works designed to address specific issues in India. Every writer can pitch their bids for hundreds of works running on the platform on weekly basis. No hidden or extra charges anywhere as is common in mainstream content marketing platforms. You are only charged a 10% administrative fee after your work is done and the client pays for the work.

If you need a platform to work with your eyes shot, a place to work without constantly looking beyond your shoulders, Contentmart is a perfect writing solution for you. You are guaranteed a system that is plain, straightforward, always deliver and secured with Contentmart.

When you consider that well over 90,000 clients and creative writers have had breathtaking solutions to their writing needs in Contentmart, you will see why you can throw caution to wind when working on Contentmart.

It’s time to take off your guards because Contentmart has your back as a writer, unwind let creativity drive your desires beyond your wildest dreams.