Emoji: Symbols To Use For Communication

Technology is the new thing in this era. Everyone now relies on its power. People have become dependent on this new type of technology that they can not see themselves without it. Now everyone is using the internet for games, connection, fame, and more. 

We all know that English is our universal language; we don’t know that digital language is slowly taking its place.  We often use characters, symbols, and emoticons to communicate with our loved ones and friends. The Digital era is gradually entering our lives and changing our ways of expressing our emotions and thoughts. 

Check Mark

Checkmark is usually used to symbolize that a thing, exam, the article is correct or chosen.

Check emoji are broad check marks that are typically seen in programs with a handwritten type of style. It often comes with a red color, white, blue, or green, depending on which mobile device, app, or software you are using. 

Hundred Points

The one hundred point emoji symbolizes a 100% score in games, exams, and conclusion, depending on what type of conversation you have with your friends. This emoji has the number one hundred, and it is always written in red color with a little bit of black, and it is underlined twice to show its importance. 

Exclamation Mark

Exclamation marks is the one referred to as exclamation point. This emoji symbol has three types of color, red, black, and white. All of them represent a firm conviction on something you say or a command. You can also use this symbol when you are pissed off with someone or angry to let them know how you feel without using words.  

Ok Button

There are lots of Ok types of emojis that you can use in your conversation with friends and officemates. One of those is the ok button, which looks like a light blue box with an ok word encrypted inside. It represents an agreement on something, acceptance and also indicates an approval. 

Heart Emoji

Heart emoji has different types of representation in the digital language. It contains nine kinds of colors: red, purple, pink, green, yellow, blue, orange, white, and even black. We usually use this symbol to express our love to someone we love, or when you like something very much. 

Hearts in emojis have different kinds of designs for you to choose from.  Like a sparkling one, a beating heart, the two hearts, the revolving heart, a heart with a ribbon, a heart with an arrow, and a growing heart. All of the symbols can be used in your daily conversations, depending on what type of emotion you want to show them. 

No Entry

The no-entry emoji means that there is a restriction in a particular area or a place that you want to visit. This emoji looks like a red circle with a white thick horizontal line in the middle. This emoji is usually used by online Facebook pages of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other establishments that say that they are restricted or closed.

Cross Mark

A cross mark emoji is a red-colored symbol with the same feature of a multiplication sign. It usually goes with a red, black, or white color in the symbol section of the emojis. Aside from its known meaning of multiply, this symbol can also mean restrictions or a negative sign. This emoji is known in the English language as “and.”

Question Mark

We all know that question marks are usually used in our universal language in the form of questioning or being confused or unsure of something. Emoji also created their own question mark icon to add more life to the question. It comes with three kinds of colors, depending on your mood, like red, white, and black. 

Musical Notes

Musical notes are one of the most used symbols in the emoji family. It merely represents music, lyrics, singing, and other topics that can still be related to music. This emoji type is often used by music lovers, songwriters, singers, and band performers to add life to their social media posts or conversations. 

In A Nutshell 

Digital emojis have taken the seat of our language on our devices. Some of us use only the emojis as a way of conveying a message instead of typing it on their phone, which somehow consumes your time. There are hundreds of emojis to choose from, and they are usually categorized depending on their type of uses.

A symbol like emojis is one of the few classifications of emoji in which you can express your emotions and help create humorous topics. These are body language forms of communication that are based on text messages or messaging apps.  Believe it or not, emojis will one day become our new universal language in the digital world.