Express What You Feel: 11 Amazing Emojis that will Make Your Relationship More Interesting and Exciting

The key to having a strong and healthy relationship is communication; however, there are times that we’re unable to communicate with one another due to some instances such as our job. We can’t share even a small amount of our time with them because a lot of work stopped us from meeting them. Our busy schedules hinder us from being with them, but we can still show our love virtually, thanks to technology. 

Technology allows us to comfortably bring our feelings we didn’t have the chance to speak in person. By just typing what we feel, we can now reach everyone’s heart. Aside from that, let’s add some spice to your relationship by not settling with plain text only, add some emojis to it to make it more sweet and sincere. Look at these eleven unique emojis to make your communication more interesting and exciting. 

Sick Emoji

There are many emojis that show sickness; you can have the Face with head-bandage, Vomiting face, Nauseated face, Hot face, Sneezing face, Exploding head, Woozy Face, and Face with a thermometer. When conveying illness, the most common emoji is the Face with a thermometer; you can send this Sick emoji to your partner if you want them to come over to your place to take care of you. 

Fire Emoji

The fire emoji is displayed with an orange, yellow, or the most common, the red flame. Many people use this emoticon to show that they’re eating spicy food, they have hot weather, or when they admire someone’s beauty. When you see your partner wearing a stunning outfit, you can express your admiration by sending them this emoji. 

Heart with Arrow

The Heart emoji, also recognized as the Cupid emoji, is presented through a pink or red heart color pierced by a yellow or blue arrow in the middle. This emoji shows love; therefore, you can use this one to incessantly remind your partner you love them with all your heart. 

Smiling Face with Heart Eyes

The Smiling face with heart eyes emoji shows a smiling face with a combination of heart-shaped eyes. You can send this emoticon any time you want to convey your love and affection to your partner. 

Face Blowing a Kiss

This emoticon has a yellow face doing a wink with a heart near its lips. The good thing about this emoji is it’s not a plain kissing emoji; it has a heart that makes it more romantic, among other kissing emoticons out there. You can use the Face Blowing a Kiss when you want to send your lover a good morning or good night kiss. 

Fork and Knife with Plate Emoji

If you want to have a quality time with your partner because you finally have a break from work, you can use the Fork and Knife with Plate emoji to ask your other half that you want to have a date with them. You can also accompany this emoji with wine to make it extra sweet. 

Popcorn Emoji

The Popcorn emoji comes in a red-and-white-striped box. This snack is often seen when watching a movie; therefore, you can use it when asking your partner to watch a movie together. You can also add the Television emoji if you want to binge-watch your favorite shows at home to make it more special. 

Face with Tears of Joy

Unlike other emojis, this one has tears coming out from both of its eyes. Many people choose this emoji when they laugh so hard over something. If you find your partner’s conversation funny, you can express your feeling through this emoji. 

Ring Emoji

People probably won’t consider asking someone to tie the knot in a virtual setting as a sweet gesture, but if you want to surprise your partner by giving them a brief hint of your plan, you can randomly send the Ring emoji to them. Let your other half wonder what you’re planning to do; in this manner, their excitement will get high. 

Beach Emoji

If you’re thinking of having a vacation with your partner, you can send them the Beach emoji to give them an inkling where you want to go. You can also add the Car emoji to tell them you’re on your way to fetch them. 

Crying Face

This emoji exhibits crying eyes while the mouth is ajar. You can click this emoji and send it to your partner if they’ve done something wrong. In this manner, they’ll be aware that you’re hurt and need their explanation. 


Your other half doesn’t deserve dull treatments; don’t allow your busy schedules to hinder you from showing your affection to your partner. These emojis will help you connect with your significant other, but it takes actions to make your relationship work; therefore, always accompany the things you do virtually with efforts to make it more sincere.