First Steps In The Social Media Marketing. Where Should You Start?

Definition of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We are living in the times of selfies and emoji, so you’re probably familiar with social media. Instead of posting your latest fun pic or chatting up friend and old classmates, you run a campaign of a particular product or service, attract customers and even grow the number of your followers. This is what Social Media Marketing is all about. The purpose of SMM is to promote a particular product or service, encourage more people to engage with your website and get people to purchase your product or service. Some of the popular social media sites include:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+ , and many more

Importance of SMM

  • It is the simplest, fastest way to advertise a new service or product.
  • Social media is the “in-thing”, which means millions of people spend several hours a day on social media networks.
  • It is the current influencer for companies and businesses alike.
  • It is the current market

The basic to SMM success is the capacity to produce successful campaigns that spark engagement, growth, sales or site traffic. Brands that succeed in creating social media presence all have one thing in common- they organize a focused social media campaign. You can decide to hire a social media marketing agency at a high cost, but if you are a small company just starting out, you can start your first campaign with nearly any budget.

Here are a few tips on how newbies can hop on the social media trend and generate an orthodox social media presence almost immediately.

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1.    Identify which social media platform to use

As a newbie to this sector, you need to select one or two social media platforms to use as opposed to working on all platforms all at once. The best way to discover which platform matches your niche is to find the influencers and research where they are more successful.

2.    Revamp your social media profiles

Improving your profile elevates your chances of acquiring more followers as well as enhances your SEO attempts. The basic rule that pertain to all sites include the following

3.    What is the purpose of your campaign?

It could be to build brand awareness, generate lead, increase engagement or sell your brand, product or service. Even go ahead and select a secondary purpose that aligns with your initial purpose. If your primary purpose is to build brand awareness, do not be shun by the huge follower turn-up and shift your strategy to pushing your product instead. Save it for your following campaign.

4.    Schedule your social media content

Use a content calendar to plan social media content for your campaign. A social media content calendar helps to keep you on track to issue varied content throughout the period of your campaign.

5.    Layout goals for your social media campaign

Define your goals using numbers. Set specific metrics for your primary goals, for instance, what percentage of people are engaging with your content by sharing, liking and commenting on your posts? How many page likes do you hope to attain each week?