Fitbit Bands – Not Just A Stylish And Overpriced Pedometer!

Fitbit has become a byword for fitness bands. The name is beloved and iconic but to a newcomer, it might seem a little a little confusing. For those who aren’t in the know – all Fitbits may appear as overpriced pedometers with fancy bands. Mostly due to the brands huge success, they could be forgiven for thinking so. Back in 2013, the Fitbit Flex revolutionised fitness trackers and the image of a simple but stylish wrist worn pedometer has been associated with the brand ever since. Fast forward to present day and the Fitbit brand has ascended to lofty heights. Long ago evolving from a simple pedometer, the new breed of Fitbit bands are bristling with technology and can cater to the most extreme and connected workout warrior or casual evening jogger.

There are many different options when choosing your new Fitbit and depending on your goals and needs, it is easy to find a Fitbit band to suit your budget and lifestyle in a stunning range of styles and colours.

Witness The Fitness

Staying true to its roots, the Flex 2 is a familiar entry point into Fitbits new ecosystem. It pays homage to the original Flex but adds LED lights to indicate a fitness goal is being reached and proper waterproofing.

It comes in a variety of colours from the discreet to the outlandish and is a great and inexpensive way to get acquainted with the Fitbit brand. Moving up from the Flex 2, things start to reflect Fitbits new direction. The Alta is the brand’s smarter, more attractive older sibling. Your information is now presented on a rich OLED screen and the Alta is so smart – it knows when you’re playing different sports or partaking in different activities. A version of the Alta is now also offered with a heart rate monitor.


Leading The Charge

Do you need more technology? More screen? The Charge 3 is more fitness tracker. Its OLED screen is full and detailed and displays a variety of different information such as steps or time. The tracking is more accurate and features a heart rate monitor. With biometric scanners out of a sci-fi movie, it can even sense how loaded your blood is with oxygen. If you need to know that, then you probably need the Charge 3.

Watch Out

Speaking of more, Fitbit also create exciting fashionable smart watches that wouldn’t look out of place on a high stakes mission to outer space. The Ionic is the big boss of the Fitbit bands. Like other products in the range, it’s armed with a dizzying array of sensors to track your movements, exertion and even altitude. More importantly, it uploads your data straight to your smartphone, making your progress even easier to keep track of. The frame is lightweight and waterproof and houses a large antenna used to tap into global satellites for even more accurate tracking. Yes, that is a real thing that exists, and you can wear it on your wrist! The screen is now a responsive touch screen and the internal memory can be loaded with apps. Designed to compete with the smart watch offerings of Apple and Samsung, these devices are everything you could want from a fitness band; accurate, durable and connected. The Fitbit Ionic Fitness Watch is a great example – with looks to match its unrivalled functionality.

The Fitbit product range has become something so much more than a pretty pedometer. Serious athletes can now rely on them to keep up with their gruelling fitness regime. You can now share your times and distances with friends and keep your motivation at its peak. From the simple Flex to the cutting edge Ionic, there is a fitness tracker out there to keep you on track and help you smash past expectations and propel you into the future.