Five Ways to Make Your Ecommerce Website Even Better

Jeffrey Wagner
November 26, 2018

Chances are, you did your homework before you opened the virtual doors to your eCommerce store. You hired a developer to make sure everything was set up properly, and you tested a variety of formats before settling on one that would perform the best for your business.

Just because you finally got your eCommerce website up and running doesn’t mean you get to forget about it.

If you want your site to continue to be successful, you should always be thinking of ways to make it even better. These ideas will help you do just that.

Rethink What You’re Selling

Many businesses spend a lot of time thinking about the format and style of the website and just assume they’ll list whatever products or services they offer. If you want to be successful, you should always be thinking about what you offer online.

You may have to rethink some products, or replace them with others. The best way to figure out what you should offer, and what you shouldn’t, is to ask customers and clients to complete a survey. A whopping 67-percent of people admit to responding to at least half of the feedback surveys they receive, so it’s definitely a good use of your time!

By communicating with your customers in this way, you can ensure you’re always offering products and services that they actually want to buy.

Upload More Photos

If you have an eCommerce site, you probably spent a lot of time and/or money getting your product images just right. The quality of your images is extremely important, but it isn’t the only thing you have to think about.

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You also have to think about the number of images on your website.

Online buyers want to feel like they’re making an informed decision before buying your product. Pictures can help them feel confident, even if they can’t touch your item before they buy.

The more images you include, the better. Take multiple images from many different angles, and include photos that show the size of the item. If you really want to go above and beyond, consider uploading a video!

Create More and Better Content

It isn’t uncommon for eCommerce sites to rely on a few images and a list of product specifications to sell each item. Although that’s better than nothing, if you really want people to buy, you have to create more and better content.

A few tips for writing stellar eCommerce website content include:

  •         Incorporating SEO so search engines can find the items in your store
  •         Focusing more on verbs and less on adjectives
  •         Focusing more on benefits and less on features
  •         Settle on a tone that reflects your business’s personality
  •         Reviews and customer images

Think of each product description as a mini-blog article and answer questions the consumer may have about the item before they even have a chance to ask. Equipped with all the information they need, they will be more likely to make a purchase.

Create a Live Chat Option

You want customers and clients to jump on a purchase as soon as the mood strikes them. If they have questions or concerns that they can’t get answered right away, they’ll leave your site with the intention of looking into your company again later, but they’ll likely forget. Instead, provide them with a live chat option.

A live chat feature allows you to answer questions and concerns right away. It shows customers and clients that you care about their business, and it provides your company with a friendly face and voice.

Expand Your Store to Other Platforms

It is extremely important to have a home base for your products and services, but that doesn’t mean other sites can’t complement your eCommerce site.

There are a lot of other websites online where you can sell your stuff.

Ebay is a popular option, but you can also consider selling your items on social media platforms, like Facebook. Etsy is a great idea for businesses that create handmade goods.

The idea is to expand your digital footprint so it’s easy for customers and clients to find what you have to offer. Someone may be more likely to research your business on Facebook or look for you on Etsy before they search for your website.

Websites, and especially eCommerce sites, aren’t something you create and forget about. If you want your eCommerce site to bring in some serious revenue, follow the tips on this list to keep your site relevant to your customers and clients.


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