Flight Turbulence Gets Captain Asking for Prayers: ValueMags

ValueMags summarizes the flight chaos in Asia as some employees know the passengers and people on board.

Last week on a flight from Australia to Malaysia, a flight captain made a call on a flight and asked all passengers to pray for their lives and for the success of the flight when they encountered concerning turbulence. One of the passengers, Damien Stevens told NBC News that being in that plane was like being in a washing machine or on a compressor. A video that he took and published shows that the seats were shaking heavily and rattling. The captain, flight crew, and air traffic controllers remain unclear as to why the turbulence was so strong, especially for a short flight where they did not reach a high altitude. The passengers were told that the issue came from an engine that was having trouble.

Despite the captain asking the passenger’s to pray, the crew and passengers were by far in the best hands because the captain had 44 years of experience. The pilot managed to fly to Malaysia on one engine. That was a miracle considering the left engine (engine one) was likely jammed, frozen, or something had made it not work. The landing of the place however was the smoothest part of the whole ride. Everyone was happy to hit the ground. ValueMags was beyond happy to hear that the flight had landed. There were some Chicago residents on that flight and one individual that knows a Chicago employee.

ValueMags employees and family members of those on the flight were just happy that the flight landed safely at their schedule destination. Among the many things that could have gone wrong, the flight has scheduled the right pilot to take care of it.