Genesis: Alisia Dragoon

So, have you ever heard of the retro game Alisia Dragoon? It is perhaps a rare find these days. In this article, we review the much sought after retro game of the 1990s. This game was developed in 1992 by Game Arts, for the Sega Genesis. The player controls the protagonist Alisia who is on a quest to avenge her father and save the world. What makes this character awesome? She can fire lightning out of her hands and even summon four faithful creatures to her aid. Even though the video game had a huge critical acclaim, it did not make its mark among gamers internationally as it should have back then.

The storyline is pretty simple but still lays an exciting foundation for an otherwise engaging game. You take control of Alisia and guide her through eight levels by running, jumping and some kick-ass blasting of enemies as you advance. The controls are very responsive and make it even more interesting when you get to fire lightning at the enemies. You have unlimited lightning attacks, but as you attack, they become less powerful as your lightning meter drains. It just takes like 5 – 10 seconds for your lightning energy to recharge, you just need to have an idea how much to use up and the timing to make your character stay strong and powerful. If you wait long enough for the meter to charge fully, you can even get to see it in full screen!

While you may think since it is a retro game, hitting enemies with a lightning attack will be pretty easy and you can get them almost easily. However, that is not the case. It can get quite tricky and you will soon be filled with tension as to how can you get your aim right.

This game also features some RPG elements which keeps it extremely interesting and memorable. Alisia can find items which will help her in the quest levels like health and attack power. In addition, Alisia has another ability to reach out to small creatures. There are a total of four dragons and she can call one at a time. Each of these creatures has its own trademark attack features which they give to Alisia during attacks. Healing items can be used to heal them as well. If you are not careful, they can become incapacitated.

If you are playing the game for the first time, you might find that defeating the bosses on each level might be very difficult and almost impossible. However, if you keep at it, you may be able to identify their patterns of attacks and soon it becomes much easier to beat them. There is a variety of bosses to beat – ninjas to flying monsters, even a tank! The battles do get harder as you advance through the levels.

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