Get an Elaborate Idea about the Types of Air Conditioners and Their Specialities

Due to global warming, scorching heat has become unbearable, which is why air conditioners have now become a necessity. Due to heavy competition in the market, every company spends millions to make their product the best. Every family today invests on at least one AC. We either have window ACs or Split ACs in our home which keeps our house cool even in extreme summers. Not only that but it also saves us from extreme humidity.

There are many companies that are giving tough competition to each other. However, the brand leaders are LG, Whirlpool, Carrier, Samsung, Panasonic and Voltas.  They are well known for their functions of extreme cooling and extended lives of compressors. All these companies are trusted and reliable brands.

If you go online to Amazon, Flipkart and Croma you would find varieties available. Since competition is high every shopping sites try their best to give heavy discounts during seasons like Diwali, Christmas and Dussehra. Let’s learn about some of the varieties of air conditioners so that before purchasing you would have an idea of what you’re looking for

  • Window AC
  • Split AC
  • Central AC
  • Hybrid AC
  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Window AC

They are used to calm a single room. All the machinery parts like compressor, condenser, coil etc are all enclosed in one box. They are fixed in windows or any open panel which has huge space. Although it is not a very comfortable option because you need a complete separate space for it, but this was the first type of AC launched in market.

Split AC

This type of AC has two parts, one is the outdoor compressor and condenser and the second part is the indoor cooling fan and evaporator. Its cooling property is so strong that it can cool at least two rooms at one time. Moreover, to fix this you don’t need a space on window but can be mounted on wall and the outdoor machine is connected through a pipe which can pass through a small hole on any wall.

Central AC

It is generally used by larger homes but mostly seen in offices and hotels where large areas are to be cooled. The supply ducts carry cool air into the rooms. It has a giant compressor that carries tons of cool air.

Hybrid AC

Hybrid ACs work in summers as well as in winters. In summer it pumps out heat and bring back cool air inside and during winters it is vice versa, where cool air is pumped out and warm air is pulled in. They are best for areas where summers and winters are in extreme.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal coil is installed under the ground at your home. No matter what the temperature is above the ground, but below the ground level it is always below 55 degree Celsius. Therefore, during summers, it pulls heat from home and spreads it under the ground and during winters, it pulls warmth from ground to spread inside home.

Now that we know different options of air conditioners available in the market, you can select one that can help you feel comfortable at your place.