Get Oriented with the Services of Fencecore

If you are running a business, you probably need the services of an IT company all the time. Businesses these days automate some of their routine processes and to ensure the software they use for the automation will never fail, they usually have an IT company at their beck and call.

Fencecore is one of the IT companies any business owner can hire. They have flexible IT products and services designed to provide the most effective IT solutions. Though it is not that long yet since the conception of their business 5 years ago, still they can be considered the same level as those who are counting decades already. The reason is simple and that is the fact that their business never stops from growing.

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Some of their best qualities are:

Being thorough, professional and proactive

24/7 availability

Onsite and remote support

Consulting and project management

Dedicated account manager

Making their customers their priority

They are passionate in what  they do

These are just some of the winning qualities Fencecore has. However, their most effective strategy is the fact that they consider their customers as the engine of their business that keeps them moving forward.

With their passion for providing the best IT products and services to their customers, they come up with the following services:

  1. Hardware Procurement

With their highly experienced reps, they can find the best products for you after thoroughly assessing what your business needs. Trust that the products they will offer pass the industry standards.

  1. IT Services and Consulting

Whatever solutions they recommend, they implement them for you. Some of their specializations are the following:

  • Servers & Hyperconvergence
  • Virtualization
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Backups
  • Data center design
  • Support
  • Maintenance and License upkeep
  1. Cloud Computing

Enabling secure business operations of servers, software, data and files that are based on your requirements and growth are being made possible due to their public cloud options. Aside from that, this company can also host your backups, applications or rent you server space at a competitive rate.

So if you are still about to open your business or you want to change IT company, you should give Fencecore a call. It would be best if you will be in a company that considers their customers as the fuel of their own engine.