Go Paperless With Tekmetric Auto Shop Software

Although it may not be completely feasible to eliminate paper for every business, you can reduce the amount of paper you use by making some simple changes to your everyday practices. The smallest reduction can increase efficiency and yield cost reductions. Regardless of whether your organization is fully established or if it is at the start up phase, there are several advantages to going paperless, and you can do so using the Tekmetric auto shop software.

Use Email to Speed up Customer Communication

An up to date customer email list will enable you to quickly communicate special offers and sales promotions without incurring printing and postage expenses. In today’s society, there are very few people who don’t have access to their own personal email account. With our auto shop software you can increase efficiency at the same time as reduce storage costs as print outs and photo copies are no longer taking up space in your office.

Document Organization

With the Tekmetric auto shop software you will have the ability to efficiently locate and disseminate information. This will enhance your productivity at the same time as boost your professional image. Digging through files and piles of paper slows down response time, when we are living in an era where the majority of answers are at the touch of a button, searching for information in this way is a hindrance to your business. By scanning electronic copies of invoices and receipts, documents can be filed, stored and organized for fast retrieval when required.

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Easily Retrieved and Saved

As long as you have access to the internet, you can retrieve the information you need even when you are out of the office. The auto shop software will allow you to back up expense reports so that you don’t have to bring them into the office to store them. You can also share electronic files with co-workers via email or over the network. Transitioning to paperless also makes it easier to transfer documents without cumbersome document couriers or fax machines.

Automatic Backups

Have you ever thrown out an important document? A mistake of this nature can be very costly because once it’s gone, it’s impossible to retrieve it. The good news is that maintaining your files electronically with the Tekmetric auto shop software enables you to back up all your documents in several different locations to ensure that you will always have access to them.

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The Tekmetric auto shop software was designed with you in mind. We want to ensure that you succeed in all your business endeavours which is why we are offering our software completely FREE of charge for the rest of 2018! Isn’t this great news?