Hidden Surveillance Cameras: What Are Your Options?

Setting up an effective surveillance system demands a lot of different equipment. You may want to use a a wearable camera or depending on your specific needs, you might find it helpful – or even absolutely necessary – to conceal some or all of the cameras you use. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem with the tremendous variety of modern camera options available to you.

Modern hidden cameras work with virtually any surveillance system, and most of them are fully capable of being integrated into a larger system. This is important because you want your hidden cameras to feed footage directly into the same centralized location as your other recording devices; collecting data from individual cameras manually is a tremendous waste of time.Related image

Where To Conceal Hidden Cameras: Popular Choices

Landscaping Concealment

Outdoor filming used to be a challenge if you wanted to use a camera more discreet than a purpose-built all-weather unit. Modern surveillance cameras designed for concealment are a lot more flexible! Small cameras that deliver outstanding performance when filming outdoors can be concealed in an endless variety of different places. Popular choices include fake rocks, planters, and even fake vegetation.


This is a perennially popular choice for surveillance cameras among parents who want to keep tabs on their children when they’re in the care of a nanny or babysitter. The latest refinements of this technology can place a usable camera lens virtually anywhere on a stuffed toy, ensuring that parents get a complete and incontrovertible record of what their home childcare providers do.

Wall And Ceiling Fixtures

Fortunately for the security-conscious, today’s homes are amply supplied with unobtrusive gadgets hanging from the walls and ceilings. Smoke detectors give a terrific high-level perspective on the rooms where they’re installed. Effective cameras can even be retrofitted into functional detectors. Cameras can also be installed in thermostats and other control panels. You can even get hidden cameras which take the form of electrical outlets or light switches.Image result for Hidden Surveillance Cameras: What Are Your Options?

Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks make an excellent choice for siting a concealed camera because they provide a useful window on events in the bedroom. This is helpful because you often have items of great value (e.g. jewelry, electronics, etc.) in the bedroom. This makes bedrooms a prime target for theft, whether or not you’re in the house when burglars choose to strike. In either scenario, you’ll be glad you have a reliable camera in place to capture every moment of what happens.

To provide an all-encompassing security system for your home and family, you need to draw on a wide variety of different equipment. Don’t overlook the powerful surveillance possibilities offered by hidden cameras! These unobtrusive recording devices can dramatically increase your security system’s reach and make it far more effective.