History of Dota 2; the Ultimate in Online Gaming

Dota 2 by Valve Corporation is in one word; massive. This game has catapulted Valve to a massive height in the gaming world. However, the success of other games by valve such as half life, team fortress and the insane popularity of their gaming platform steam have also helped considerably.

Valve has continued over the years to publish games that have found patronage and popularity among millions of gamers of all ages around the world. Dota2 is the latest in this list.Image result for History of Dota 2; the Ultimate in Online Gaming

How Dota2 came into being

Dota stands for Defense of the Ancients. A mod creator named Eul created the first version of Dota the project saw multiple developers ultimately coming to IceFrog who is the current developer of the map. The game is a real time strategy that can trace its roots to games like StarCraft and warcraft III. Though the game started out as a mod for another game, Valve saw the potential and so hired IceFrog as a salaried employee to handle the development of the game as a standalone.

The sky high popularity

The game has become something of an epic, what with the millions of fans playing the game every day and the yearly global competition that has prize money in the millions of dollars. It is one of the games that have seen professional tournaments year round. Even non players make money by betting on the different players and teams. https://cybbet.com/games/dota2 is a popular destination if you want to bet on Dota 2.

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of the game has to be the fact that this game is completely and utterly free. You progress in the game through your skills not money. You have to unlock the heroes but you cannot buy them. This is awesome as everyone plays this game from an equal footing. Though the game has been around for quite a few years and nearly 100 heroes have been released, the game has not lost even an iota of its popularity which is a truly amazing feat for a game.