Holidays in Alicante

Holidays in Alicante

Spaniards love celebrations, and Alicante residents are no exception. Here are a few of the city’s popular festivals.

“Bonfire Night” or St. Juan’s Festival

The celebration has been taking place officially since the beginning of the 19th century. All residents of the city and tourists participate in various entertainment activities.

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From June 20 to 24 in the city there are mass processions, performances of famous theaters, concerts of street musicians. The streets unfold markets in the spirit of the Middle Ages.

The burning of a huge effigy is a particular delight, followed by the most cheerful festivities.

At midnight, the mayor first lights a wick, which is then used to set fire to the effigy on the square – a wooden doll.

When the figure goes up in flames, the merry festivities begin – Nit del Foe (Night of Fire) with songs, dances, contests and fireworks.

Townspeople make bonfires on the beaches and dance around them, burning old and unwanted things.

Improvised dance floors are set up in the streets and squares, where anyone can perform a fiery flamenco or any other dance.

The Three Kings Festival

Held at the beginning of January. It is associated with the legend of the appearance of the three wise men to the newborn Christ with gifts.

Festive processions take place on these two days through the streets of the city, scattering symbolic gifts and candy for the children.

The city is decorated with glowing installations and garlands for the duration of the holiday. A bit like Christmas, but noisier.

Moors and Christians.

A truly popular holiday, celebrated for centuries and originated in honor of the liberation of Spanish lands from the formerly dominant Moors.

It takes place in many cities of Spain, in different months, in Alicante it is held from June 9 to 12.

It is distinguished from the others by the most impressive costumes, especially expressive of the “former conquerors”. There are theatrical processions through the streets of the city.

Along their movement, on both sides of the road, seats are arranged for spectators. You can sit and watch the colorful columns passing by for 5 euros, standing everyone watches for free.

Summer Jazz Festival

An outstanding event for music lovers. This event brings together the best saxophonists in the world and thousands of devoted fans.

Tickets cost from 15 euros.

Spain Day

It is celebrated on October 12. This date was chosen because on this day Christopher Columbus with his expedition landed on the shores of the New World, bringing there the culture and language of the future metropolis.

During the rest of the day, you’ll also find plenty to do in Alicante. Restaurants and nightclubs, sports and entertainment in arenas and stadiums, excursions to places of interest, SPA with thermal springs. If you want, you can even try your luck at the casino.